LandX Achieves Carbon Neutrality with KlimaDAO

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Belgrade, Serbia, 15th August, 2022, Chainwire

LandX, an upcoming DeFi protocol on Ethereum, is announcing a new partnership with KlimaDAO. LandX is joining the Klima Infinity program, which enables organizations to retire tokenized carbon credits and verifiably demonstrate that they have offset their carbon footprint. LandX is an agricultural commodity bond protocol bringing real-world production and yield to DeFi markets.

Synergies between the two protocols extend beyond leveraging tokenized real-world assets, whether they be agricultural farmland or carbon credits. Their visions are aligned with the need to take action today to create a sustainable future. Through regenerative finance (ReFi) and modern financial systems such as blockchain, the blockchain industry can create more efficient and eco-friendly capital markets. As fintech evolves there is an opportunity to do things better and in a more fair, open, and sustainable way.

LandX through LandX Choice is able to execute this vision through practical programs. The first of these is the purchase and retirement of 400 tones of carbon credits through the KlimaDAO platform. Carbon offsetting compensates for the production of greenhouse gasses through emissions reductions elsewhere. Executing this initiative on-chain means the protocol’s efforts are transparent and verifiable.

Through this initiative, LandX intends to be carbon neutral in 2022 and will continue to implement a carbon-neutral strategy into the future.

LandX and KlimaDAO encourage every organization working in Web3 and beyond to follow our lead and target carbon neutrality.

“We can work together as an industry to ensure our innovations make positive change.”  – LandX spokesperson

LandX offers two products:

  • cTokens – on-chain commodities representing 1kg of agricultural products such as wheat, soy, rice, and corn.
  • xTokens – perpetual commodity bonds paying out 1 cToken per year in yield. They offer investors an inflation-hedged diversification in an uncorrelated asset class.

Yield is backed by crop-share agreements known as liens, which provide farmers with more streamlined, flexible, efficient, and fair financing than what is currently available.

About LandX

LandX is a perpetual commodity bonds protocol, providing investors inflation hedged return backed by a legal contract secured on underlying farmland. LandX makes perpetual bonds available as a liquid digital asset – xToken, offering uncorrelated, inflation-hedged diversification.

Learn more and get early access to LandX at:

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About KlimaDAO

KlimaDAO is the center of a new green economy. Built on the energy-efficient Polygon network, KlimaDAO uses a stack of technologies to reduce market fragmentation and accelerate the delivery of climate finance to sustainability projects globally.

For more information about KlimaDAO and their carbon offsetting products, visit their website and Twitter


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