KT Corp and Jasmine Group Partner to Develop Thai Language-Based LLM Service

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  • KT Corp and Jasmine Group are partnering to create a Thai language-based AI model for Southeast Asia, aiming to tap into a growing $7.65 billion AI market by 2030.
  • KT Corp shares technology from its upcoming AI service, Mi:dm, while Jasmine Group analyzes the regional market and builds a GPU farm for computational power.
  • The collaboration seeks to strengthen Thailand’s AI industry and establish a strong presence in Southeast Asia, driven by technological expertise and market insights.

Major South Korean mobile carrier KT Corp. has announced a significant partnership with Thailand’s communication technology company, Jasmine Group. The collaboration aims to create a large language model (LLM) service based on the Thai language, targeting the Southeast Asian market. In a meeting held at KT’s central Seoul headquarters, the heads of both companies discussed the project and outlined their strategy.

KT Corp. is poised to contribute its cutting-edge technology to this endeavor. The company plans to share its technology, specifically from “Mi:dm,” an upcoming hyperscale AI service set for release later this month. This technological exchange is central to the development of the Thai LLM model. By leveraging Mi:dm’s capabilities, KT aims to facilitate the creation of a robust and effective language model.

Market analysis and GPU farm construction

Jasmine Group, through its ICT systems arm, Jasmine Technology Solution, will take on the vital role of analyzing the regional market. This market analysis is crucial for understanding the dynamics and potential for an AI-driven language model service in Southeast Asia. Additionally, Jasmine Group plans to build a dedicated graphics processing unit (GPU) farm. The GPU farm is slated for construction in the first half of the next year. This infrastructure will provide the computational power required to effectively drive the Thai LLM’s capabilities.

The Southeast Asian region is poised for substantial growth in the generative AI market. According to research by global firm Statista, the market is expected to reach a value of $1.41 billion in 2023, with an even more impressive projection of $7.65 billion by 2030. This growth is a testament to the increasing importance of AI-driven language models across various industries, including communication technology and content creation.

KT CEO’s perspective

KT Corp.’s CEO, Kim Young-shub, expressed optimism regarding the Jasmine Group partnership. Through this collaboration, he highlighted the company’s expectation to strengthen Thailand’s position in the AI industry. Furthermore, Kim emphasized the goal of making significant inroads into the burgeoning Southeast Asian AI market.

In terms of strategy, this partnership brings together KT’s technological prowess and Jasmine Group’s market insights, providing a strong foundation for developing and successfully deploying the Thai language-based LLM. The collaboration extends beyond technical aspects, as both companies are actively considering marketing strategies tailored to the Southeast Asian market and compliance with regional AI-related regulations.

This endeavor is a testament to the growth potential of the generative AI market and a demonstration of international cooperation in AI technology. By leveraging each other’s strengths, KT Corp. and Jasmine Group aim to bring innovative language model services to Southeast Asia, ultimately benefiting consumers and businesses in the region.

As the GPU farm construction commences in the coming year and work on the Thai LLM model gets underway in the second half, all eyes will be on this collaboration. The success of this project has the potential to set new benchmarks in applying AI-driven language models in the dynamic Southeast Asian market.

The partnership between KT Corp. and Jasmine Group signifies a strategic move towards capitalizing on the burgeoning AI market in Southeast Asia. With KT’s technological expertise and Jasmine Group’s market insight, the collaboration is poised to drive innovation and accelerate the adoption of language models in the region. As the project unfolds, it promises to significantly impact the AI landscape, benefiting both companies and the Southeast Asian market as a whole.

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