Konami’s raises over $160K through Castlevania anniversary NFT sale


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  • Konami, a Japanese game and software developing company, has raised over $160K through the sale of its first-ever NFTs.
  • The NFTs are tied to Castlevania, one of their most successful products, but they have received backlash regarding the assets.

Konami, a Japanese game developing organization, has made over $160K through the sale of its first-ever NFTs. The assets traded in an auction connected to the 35th anniversary of Castlevania, one of its most successful series. However, the company ended up receiving backlash regarding the auction.

Konami joins OpenSea with Castlevania NFTs

Konami has made over $160K from its first-ever NFT sale. It sold these assets in connection to the anniversary of Castlevania, which has sold over 20 million units globally. The sold assets tallied to 14, with the most prized one selling at over $26K. This asset depicted the map of Dracula’s original castle.

The second-highest purchase was a three-minute video that depicts highlights of popular games in the franchise. This asset sold for about $17k. A few hours ago, OpenSea reflected that the cheapest of these assets is selling at 30 ETH. That price translates to slightly over $100K.

Gaming companies lead other multinational corporations in joining the NFT craze

The first series of Konami NFTs is available in OpenSea and has an extraordinary impact from what competitors could have expected. The Assets are trading at a healthy price despite receiving a backlash from competitors.

While the next generation (blockchain) technology companies are leaping huge profits from Web3 and the metaverse, traditional ones are experimenting with these assets. In the past months, multiple organizations have announced their timelines of joining the crypto sphere; some already have.

Square Enix, a Japanese game developer, has expressed the need for the intergration of tokenomics in gaming ecosystems. The company’s CEO, Yosuke Matsuda, said that P2E gaming would most likely attract more participants and create wholesome gaming ecosystems. His company has been contemplating starting a decentralized gaming ecosystem since 2021.

Ubisoft, another gaming company, owns an NFT marketplace. The marketplace in question is Quartz, powered by Tezos network to distribute digital assets. However, the company has yet to achieve maximum potential on this project since workers and users criticize it heavily. GSC Game World is also among the gaming companies that have received a backlash due to NFT plans. The company had to suspend these plans following the backlash.

Other multinational corporations have joined the metaverse through NFTs. Companies like Nike, Adidas, Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Hulu, and Walmart have already confirmed their plans to develop NFTs. Sporting teams, celebrities, and athletes have also expressed their urge to join the crypto sphere through these assets.

Similarly, some analysts have projected that the future of NFTs is bright and might even surpass BTC. These comments have backing from the ever-growing Institutional acknowledgment of NFTs. However, it is essential to DYOR on NFTs and secures them since scam cases are increasing frighteningly.

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