Klever TronWallet to go live in August 2020

Klever TronWallet to go live in August

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Klever TronWallet is here. TronWallet has been rechristened as Klever and now calls Klever platform as home. The new terminology will be applicable from August 2020. Besides the name change, TronWallet is going to offer many updates on the new platform. Klever platform will comprise four primary elements, including Klever Labs, Klever App, Klever Exchange, and KleverOS.

As per the official press release, the company states that Klever TronWallet has undergone immense growth in the past three years. Currently, its global user base stands at 250,000. Additionally, TronWallet sports 86,000 monthly users as well. No wonder TronWallet is a hugely popular blockchain application presently in the crypto realm.

Klever TronWallet to power next-gen payment solutions

TronWallet is a well-regarded product in the entire Tron ecosystem. Now, it wants to go past the Tron ecosystem and launch itself as a ‘De Facto’ crypto solution. Recently, it integrated Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains into its system. Furthermore, it wants to offer efficient, safe, and wide-ranging solutions that appeal to a much wider audience.

Moving to the Klever platform is a step in the same direction. TronWallet aims to deliver a simpler approach towards crypto using Klever’s automated method for user services. A synchronized experience awaits TronWallet users after this August. The project puts emphasis on financial freedom. Hence, middlemen or intermediaries are a no-no. Users enjoy full control over their activity, along with complete security in Klever TronWallet.

Klever ecosystem offers more personalization to users

The press release states that the whole Klever ecosystem is geared towards providing users with superior investment decisions. Partnerships with other crypto firms help it offer sound investment decisions. Further details on the collaborations would be made public in due course of time.

Klever OS allows developers to integrate a smart wallet through various channels, including smartphones, wearables, hardware, etc. The SDK is built to provide multi-token staking besides other next-gen features. Klever App is undergoing beta testing with plans to go live in August. The new Klever TronWallet is eagerly anticipated by the community.

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