KEY Difference Media ranks among Top 5 ICO Marketing Agencies and Companies in 2021 – again

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The accolade from Software World as one of Top 5 ICO Marketing Agencies 2021 is well-deserved but the KEY Difference Media team would rather keep on pounding the road rather than sit on their laurels. KEY Difference Media had consistently snagged one of the top awards for digital marketing agencies for successive years since 2017.

Many companies believe in outsourcing digital marketing needs and KEY Difference Media is their go-to provider of full-suite marketing packages that reduce overhead expenses and ensure optimum results. The Marketing Agency’s strategic planning is powered entirely by data (which takes the guesswork out of the picture) and with great creativity and analytics, marketing goals are met. 

Mr. KEY had recently revealed that he has no close competitors in the blockchain marketing space. Instead, 5 of the top 20 ICO marketing agencies, many US (SF/LA) based PR & marketing firms, etc., work closely with him as they lack the resources and manpower to be able to do what KEY Difference Media has been doing since 2007. He enjoys rubbing elbows with insiders in the crypto space.

NFT markets are going crazy and DeFi markets are becoming mainstream. The amount of people and projects looking for support in the space has been going through the roof. Everyone is looking for dependable entities who have their own team, keep costs lower, and have a proven track record. As a 17-year veteran of digital marketing, and a stellar blockchain marketing company since 2013, KEY Difference Media is strongly positioned to support qualified players in these lucrative cryptocurrency platforms.

Says Mr. KEY:

“Consumers today evidently don’t just want to make a purchase, but establish a relationship with a brand, as well. Knowing the factors which can provide a positive experience successfully would naturally lead to desired outcomes.”

Mr. KEY – Karnika E. Yashwant – has been an avid marketer leading blockchain projects since 2013 and executing Content Marketing for Fortune 100s since 2007. He is the CEO of Utopian Capital, an investment firm for blockchain technology, and the Founder of KEY Difference Media, an agency rated in numerous Top 5 and Top 10 lists in the Blockchain/Crypto space year after year. He can be reached at LinkedIn or Telegram.

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