Kevin Afghani Reflects on His Amazing First Year as Mario’s Voice Actor


  • Kevin Afghani, new Mario voice, feels grateful for fans’ support, exceeded expectations in his first year.
  • Charles Martinet, the previous Mario voice, now Nintendo’s Mario ambassador, marked an end of an era.
  • Afghani’s talent earns him roles as Mario, Luigi, and potentially Wario, delighting fans and securing Mario’s future.

In a heartfelt message, Kevin Afghani, the new voice actor for Mario, recently took to X to reflect on his first year in the role. His sentiments can be summed up in one powerful phrase: “I have lived a lifetime’s worth of dreams in a year.” 

Kevin Afghani’s emotional message was full of gratitude towards the fans who have supported him in his newfound role. He emphasized how his experience had exceeded all expectations, making it a year to remember.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s perfect score

In his debut as both Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Afghani’s performance clearly made an impression. The game received a perfect review score, indicating that he had successfully stepped into the iconic character’s shoes.

Charles Martinet’s departure

Kevin Afghani’s journey as the new Mario voice actor began after the announcement that Charles Martinet, the long-time voice of Mario, would no longer be voicing the character. Martinet’s new role was introduced as Nintendo’s Mario ambassador, marking the end of an era.

Kevin Afghani: the new face of Mario

Kevin Afghani’s journey into the world of Mario has been nothing short of remarkable. Taking on the mantle of one of gaming’s most beloved characters is no small feat, but Afghani has proven himself up to the task.

It appears that Kevin Afghani is not limiting his vocal talents to just Mario and Luigi. Eurogamer has confirmed that he will also be lending his voice to Wario in the upcoming title, WarioWare: Move It. While not explicitly mentioned as Wario’s voice actor, Afghani is credited as the principal performer in the game’s credits.

A smooth transition and a year of success

Kevin Afghani’s seamless transition into voicing the beloved Mario character has been met with approval and excitement from fans. His emotional message highlights the appreciation he feels for the opportunity.

The past year has indeed been monumental for Kevin Afghani. His journey from being relatively unknown in the gaming world to becoming the voice of one of its most iconic characters has been marked by success and appreciation from fans and critics alike.

The departure of Charles Martinet as Mario’s voice actor signaled the end of an era. After years of Martinet’s endearing portrayal, fans were initially apprehensive about the change. However, Afghani’s performance in Super Mario Bros. Wonder proved to be a worthy successor, earning him praise and a perfect score in a review.

Kevin Afghani’s journey as Mario’s new voice actor has been one of immense success and heartfelt gratitude towards fans. His debut in Super Mario Bros. Wonder received a perfect score, and his expanding role in the Mario universe, including voicing Wario, further solidifies his place in gaming history. As the torch passes from Charles Martinet to Kevin Afghani, the future of Mario games appears bright and promising.

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