Kenya’s central bank governor clarifies crypto stand

Kenya's central bank governor clarifies crypto stand

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  • Patrick Njoroge, the outgoing governor of the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK), has provided clarity on the bank’s stance on cryptocurrencies. His comments come at a critical time when opinions on digital currencies remain divided globally.
  • Njoroge emphasized that the CBK’s cautious approach to cryptocurrencies is not based on personal opinions but on the wealth of information accumulated by the institution over its 57-year history.
  • Known for his staunch opposition to cryptocurrencies, Njoroge has been a notable figure in Kenya’s financial sector, advocating for caution when dealing with volatile digital assets.

Governor Patrick Njoroge, who is nearing the end of his tenure at Kenya’s Central Bank, has come forward to share his perspective on the often-controversial subject of cryptocurrencies.

His statements come at a time when the global financial world is divided on the issue, with some welcoming the technology and others, like Njoroge, offering cautionary advice.

Unraveling the CBK’s position on cryptocurrencies

Njoroge, who has the distinction of being the ninth governor of Kenya’s Central Bank, expressed that his opposition to cryptocurrencies is not a product of personal bias.

Instead, it stems from an extensive database of information that the bank has accrued over its 57-year existence. The bank’s role in defining Kenya’s policies regarding cryptocurrencies is significant, and Njoroge’s remarks were aimed at shedding light on this aspect.

With the end of his tenure in sight, Njoroge was queried about any advice he might pass on to his successor, specifically in relation to cryptocurrencies.

His consistent caution against engaging with volatile assets such as Bitcoin has made him a notable voice in Kenya’s financial sphere.

In one instance that epitomizes his anti-crypto stance, Njoroge went to the extent of requesting Kenyan legislators to consider him liable for incarceration if he ever suggested converting the country’s foreign exchange reserves into Bitcoin.

This unyielding opposition to cryptocurrencies has earned him a reputation as a staunch critic in Kenyan financial circles.

Dismissing personal vendetta allegations and looking forward

Addressing rumors of a personal vendetta against cryptocurrencies, Njoroge clarified that his stand, as well as the bank’s policy, are not the outcomes of individual opinions. They emerge from the collective wisdom and data that reside within the central bank.

“Personal opinions have no role to play in understanding the implications of these new-age currencies. The Central Bank is a reservoir of knowledge, and this is where the guidance comes from,” Njoroge elaborated.

He further emphasized the importance of a smooth transition of knowledge to his successor, hinting at the central role the bank plays in this process.

As rumors circulate about Kenya’s government considering taxes on crypto transactions, Njoroge reaffirmed the Central Bank’s stance.

He mentioned that the bank would persist in underscoring the risks associated with unregulated crypto activity, aligning with its duty of safeguarding Kenya’s financial landscape.

In any case, as his term concludes, Governor Njoroge has clarified the Central Bank’s stand on cryptocurrencies, emphasizing the importance of its institutional knowledge over individual biases.

His statements serve as a sobering reminder of the many layers of complexity involved in navigating the uncharted territories of the financial world.

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