Keeping the Integrity of the Space Intact

There was a report that went around in the closing months of 2018 that it is very easy for a blockchain startup that is launching a token sale to buy a good rating on popular ICO rating websites. Well, that may be the case for some, believing that all it takes to succeed in the crypto space is an endorsement from an ICO rating site. That’s when the chips begin to fall.

Getting a rating of CRPT Rating of 4.4  is totally a different matter. CRPT.IO encourages members of the crypto and blockchain community to participate on the digital platform to contribute their opinions. Collaboration and interaction with other members get rewards by keeping the integrity of the space intact and to attract more investors for stability.

AssetStream (AS) is a team of experts that have vast experience within the emerging market. By leveraging on the blockchain, AssetStream aims to reduce poverty and bring financial inclusion by providing unbanked people with access to financial services. AssetStream will expand it to a full P2P network which will include the local communities that can take personal loans.

AssetStream aims to create an extensive micro-financing ecosystem and will rise financial awareness among our clients through consulting services and educational materials. It will enable financially excluded people to participate and be productive in the new global economy through blockchain.

For the community, by the community.

Believing in the AssetStream mandate and that for a viable transparent system of ICO Rating, crypto enthusiasts, developers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and investors harmoniously gather to give an evaluation based on the CRPT.IO rating system, culled from several reliable systems of rating ICOs. They aim to “narrow down community choices” by using due diligence, with their expertise. This ICO Rating platform is for the community, by the community.

ICO Rating draws its importance from the implications of the “rating” or “score” granted by an “expert”. There are many rating sites engaged in helping investors decide which ICO has potential or trustworthiness, going by the standard pillars that a blockchain project must hold. CRPT.IO goes the extra mile by using a metric of multiple points and offering insights on the viability of the ICO in both short and long term projection.

For AssetStream, having a third party rating their ICO means getting valuable and honest information on the quality and the potential of the project. If the outcome is positive, the results of the rating can be used for marketing purposes, since it transmits trust and transparency.

Congrats to AssetStream as 4.4 Rating is better than 96% of the projects out there. However, this is just “potential” SUCCESS, and the AssetStream team cannot rest until the launch. A good plan is focusing on its community, all the time.