Jupiter Co-Founder Meow Introduces Tentative Plan for JUP Token Distribution

Jupiter Co-Founder Meow introduces Tentative Plan for JUP Token Distribution

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  • Jupiter’s co-founder Meow has revealed a tentative plan for distributing the JUP token, involving the initial minting of 10 billion tokens and allocating 5% for liquidity building.
  • The plan includes using 10% from the team’s wallet and 15% from the community wallet for liquid funds and airdrops, with an estimated 15% to 17.5% of tokens entering market circulation on launch day.

Jupiter’s co-founder, known by the pseudonym Meow, has recently announced a tentative plan for the distribution of the JUP token, Jupiter’s native cryptocurrency

The announcement marks a significant step in the evolution of the company’s tokenomics, outlining a strategic approach to the initial minting and distribution of 10 billion JUP tokens. The plan is designed to balance market liquidity with long-term stability, addressing both immediate and future needs of the Jupiter ecosystem.

Jupiter initial minting and liquidity building

The initial phase of the JUP token distribution involves minting a total of 10 billion tokens. A key aspect of the phase is the allocation of 5% of the initial share specifically for building liquidity. The move is aimed at ensuring a stable and fluid market for JUP tokens from the outset, providing a solid foundation for future transactions and investments within the the company’s platform.

Jupiter’s strategy for building liquidity is a fundamental aspect of its plan to create a stable and resilient market for the JUP tokens. Allocating a specific portion of the initial minting for liquidity purposes, Jupiter is proactively addressing the potential challenges of market volatility. This approach is aimed at ensuring a smooth and stable trading experience for its users, laying the groundwork for a robust trading environment from the very beginning.

By focusing on liquidity building, Jupiter demonstrates its commitment to establishing a healthy ecosystem for its token. This strategic move not only helps in stabilizing the market but also instills confidence among users and investors. Jupiter’s foresight in this aspect of token distribution highlights its dedication to creating a sustainable and user-friendly platform in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency.

Allocation for team, community, and market circulation

In addition to liquidity building, the distribution plan includes extracting 10% of the tokens from the team’s wallet and 15% from the community wallet. These funds will be utilized as liquid assets to support various initiatives, including initial airdrops and meeting recent demands from the Jupiter community. The allocation reflects Jupiter’s commitment to its team and community, ensuring that both groups are adequately supported and have a stake in the platform’s success.

It is estimated that on the first day of the token’s launch, between 15% to 17.5% of the JUP tokens will enter the market circulation. It calculated release is intended to provide enough tokens for trading and community engagement while maintaining a controlled supply to prevent market oversaturation. Additionally, 10% to 7.5% of the tokens will be stored in hot wallets for immediate use, with the remaining 75% securely stored in cold wallets, signifying a cautious approach to token management and security.


The tentative plan for the JUP token distribution by Jupiter’s co-founder Meow represents a thoughtful and strategic approach to launching the platform’s native cryptocurrency. By balancing immediate market needs with long-term stability, Jupiter is positioning itself for sustainable growth and success. The allocation of tokens for liquidity, team support, community engagement, and secure storage demonstrates Jupiter’s comprehensive understanding of the complexities of tokenomics and its commitment to the platform’s users and overall ecosystem. As the crypto community anticipates the launch of JUP tokens, Jupiter’s meticulous planning and execution set a promising precedent for its future endeavors in the blockchain space.

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