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The Cryptocurrency and Blockchain space is currently undergoing some massive changes. As the DeFi ecosystem progressively grows, the people questioning its long-term viability also do. The constant pump-and-dumps make us want to bring order and sobriety. What can be a better time than now for Joshua O’Sullivan to join Cryptopolitan?

We at Cryptopolitan are wholeheartedly committed to true journalism that provides readers with quality Crypto News. With every new trend in the industry comes along more new ways to scam the audience, and numerous scammers posing to be authentic and strong. This leads to a lot of unverified, unreliable and unprofessional news. 

We have always stood against counterfeiters and charlatans, and stood strong for what we believed in – the true decentralization. We do not know if we will see the realization of our vision in the next 2-3 years, or if it may take longer, but whatever it may demand, we are here to serve you all our best. For all these reasons, Joshua is joining our team to ensure that these standards are upheld.

Nursing’s loss, Cryptopolitan’s gain, the same sharp sensitivity

Joshua has been a professional writer, editor, and proofreader for close to a decade. Alongside this, he has been working in hospital environments throughout multiple departments, specializing mainly in Emergency. The fast-paced environment helped Joshua infuse creativity, detailed orientation, and sharp sensitivity to his writing and editing skills.

To tackle the crucial times we are in, as the traditional world merges and adopts the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Joshua brings to Cryptopolitan efficiency and meticulous attention to detail, quality, and credibility. He enthuses:

“Gaining inspiration for writing or any form of pivotal work isn’t easy without direction. I’m looking forward to discovering people’s stories in the blockchain space to fuel my drive to work with Cryptopolitan.”

Joshua O’Sullivan

Cryptopolitan is a credible authority that provides quality Blockchain news, Cryptocurrency news and a lot more. 

Today, Cryptopolitan takes a step forward.

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Alden Baldwin

Journalist, Writer, Editor, Researcher, and Strategic Media Manager:With over 10 years of experience in the digital, print and public relations industries, he has been working with the mantra, Creativity, Quality and Punctuality. In his waning years promises to build a a self sustaining institute that provides free education. He is working towards funding his own startup.As a technical and language editor, he has worked with multiple top cryptocurrency publications such as DailyCoin, Inside Bitcoins, Urbanlink Magazine, Crypto Unit News and several others.He has edited over 50,000+ articles, journals, scripts, copies, sales campaign headlines, biographies, newsletters, cover letters, product descriptions, landing pages, business plans, SOPs, e-books, and several other kinds of content.

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