John McAfee is creating his own cryptocurrency Freedom Coin

john mcafee freedom coin

John McAfee, the English American businessman and a famed security developer as well as an avid cryptocurrency supporter. McAfee is now buckling down to unveil his own eponymously named currency revealed to be dubbed the McAfee Freedom Coin.

A white paper is soon to be published and unveiled on the official webpage. John stated that the coin is not mater of comparative value setting mechanism of other fiat currencies or digital assets.

The Freedom Coin is intended to counter the issue of exchange confrontation. It is not dependent on any goods, nor it is linked to the worth or conduct of any other article. The worth of the coin will always be zero, w.r.t any other bill hitherto it’s normal market worth is open to expanding.

This is a part of a superior dream of a market apart from fright appetite, management and the moods of the external economic situations by abolishing the exchange value of Freedom coin.


John is hopeful to produce the first digital currency, which will be respected for its purchasing power only. He stated that the cause of why it has not yet happened is that all possession and facilities cannot be bought with crypto; hence the currency holder must alter with a currency that is acceptable.

According to this objective, John stated that Freedom will not be propelled by an initial coin offering (ICO), nor will it be mined or airdropped. It will not be registered on crypto exchanges. This might be due to the McAfee’s fear of the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) dangers for his earlier ICO backing.

Although the fundamental technologies are not new, the exclusivity comes a new attitude to understand the progression of crypto and the instruments that have kept cryptocurrency’s economic autonomy out of customer’s influence.

Majority of the analysts got to the roots directly, and John McAfee is against bolder and brighter things making the crypto space more unpredictable.

Shawn Du'Mmett

Shawn Du'Mmett

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