John Deaton stresses ethical standards amid SEC scrutiny


  • The SEC’s investigation into William Hinman’s financial conflict of interest nears conclusion, drawing attention to cryptocurrency regulation and the SEC’s integrity.
  • Empower Oversight’s referral to the SEC’s Office of Inspector General sparked the investigation into Hinman’s potential conflict of interest regarding cryptocurrencies.
  • John Deaton’s advocacy for XRP holders highlights the importance of ethical standards in regulatory bodies.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is nearing the conclusion of its investigation into a financial conflict of interest allegedly involving William Hinman, a former high-ranking official at the agency. The investigation, initiated by the SEC’s Office of Inspector General (OIG), has garnered significant attention due to its implications for cryptocurrency regulation and the integrity of the SEC’s decision-making process.

Empower oversight’s referral sparks investigation

The investigation was sparked by a referral from Empower Oversight, a watchdog organization, which raised concerns about Hinman’s potential conflict of interest regarding cryptocurrencies. Empower Oversight’s referral, submitted to the OIG in May 2022, highlighted documents obtained through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. These documents suggested that the SEC’s Ethics Office failed to adequately address Hinman’s ties to the cryptocurrency industry. Specifically, the concern stemmed from Hinman’s past employment at Simpson Thacher, a member of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA), and his subsequent declaration that Ethereum (ETH) was not a security during a speech in 2018.

Hinman’s controversy intensified when records revealed that he had received millions of dollars from Simpson Thacher while working at the SEC. Furthermore, documents indicated that Hinman had met with Simpson Thacher employees despite being involved in critical SEC enforcement decisions. These revelations raised questions about Hinman’s impartiality and potential conflicts of interest in matters related to cryptocurrency regulation.

Empower Oversight has been actively seeking transparency regarding the SEC’s decisions on cryptocurrencies since August 2021. The organization filed multiple FOIA requests with the SEC, specifically targeting communications involving high-level officials like Hinman and their former employers. While the SEC has partially complied with some of these requests, delays in releasing additional records have fueled speculation and prompted Empower Oversight to take legal action.

Despite the ongoing investigation, Empower Oversight remains unsatisfied with the SEC’s response to FOIA requests. To compel the commission to disclose more information, Empower Oversight threatened to sue the SEC on February 23, 2024, if it failed to produce additional records related to the May 15, 2023, FOIA request. This ultimatum underscores the organization’s commitment to holding regulatory agencies accountable and ensuring transparency in government proceedings.

John Deaton’s advocacy and Ripple’s victory

In response to the latest developments, prominent attorney John Deaton, known for advocating for XRP holders, emphasized the importance of adhering to ethical standards within regulatory bodies. Deaton, representing thousands of XRP holders in the SEC v. Ripple lawsuit, underscored the need for fairness and equitable treatment in regulatory decisions concerning cryptocurrencies. He also criticized government overreach and expressed his commitment to defending the rights of XRP holders in ongoing legal battles.

Deaton’s involvement in the Ripple lawsuit has been instrumental in challenging government overreach and advocating for the interests of XRP holders. His efforts contributed to Ripple’s recent victory regarding the classification of XRP as a non-security, a decision that has significant implications for the cryptocurrency industry. Deaton’s stance reflects broader concerns within the crypto community regarding regulatory clarity and fair treatment for innovative technologies.

The SEC’s investigation into William Hinman’s financial conflict of interest continues to unfold, raising questions about the integrity of cryptocurrency regulation and the role of regulatory agencies. Empower Oversight’s pursuit of transparency and John Deaton’s advocacy underscore the importance of ethical standards and accountability in shaping regulatory decisions in the evolving landscape of digital assets.

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