JAX.Network public token sale phase 1 goes live: 2 million WJXN tokens on offer

JAX Network public token sale phase goes live million WJXN tokens on offer

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TL;DR Breakdown

  • WJXN Tokens are on live sale in Phase 1
  • Jax.Network token sale is much awaited since the protocol’s announcement

Jax.Network token sale is live, and investments are pouring in fast. The JaxNet protocol is built to give the next-gen experience in BTC ownership by fixing the volatility and scalability concerns in the Bitcoin model. The stable JAX coin and the JXN asset coin are designed to offer cross-platform functionality and improved rewards and staking features.

WJXN, the wrapped JXN Coin, is based on the ERC-20 foundation allowing seamless transactions between various platforms. During public sale, the WJXN tokens can be purchased at a reasonable rate which can then be used for higher ROI in the future. As the JAX Network will grow, the value of the tokens is likely to increase manifold.

Understanding the JXN token sale phases

In total, there will be 16,000,000 WJXN tokens available for sale. Presently, the token phase is in ETH Round 1B and BNB round 1A. The token sale is proceeding as expected. In Phase 1, there are 2,000,000 tokens available with a starting price of $ 0.77. The upcoming Phase 2 will have 4,000,000 WJXN tokens to be offered at $ 0.87.

The detailed token distribution reveals further information about the WJXN tokens. The pre-seed and seed investors will have a 14 percent share while the company has reserved 23.8 percent for itself. The liquidity pool comprises 5 percent of the total tokens. The Public Sale will comprise 40 percent of the tokens. Additionally, 5 percent of the amount will be kept for the strategic investors.

The use of funds is another realm that is on close watch of the investors. The distribution of fund usage is undoubtedly interesting. There’s a 13.3 percent share for ‘Mining Operations and Pool’ while Blockchain API has a reserved share of 6.7 percent of the total funds. Interestingly, the research and development phase has a 13.3 percent allocation. The ecosystem growth investment fund, which will support the entire JAX ecosystem, has been given a 6.7 percent share.

About Jax.Network

Jax.Network is built around the BTC blockchain but with an improved ecosystem. The Jax.Network delivers an enhanced asset ownership experience by fixing the age-old Bitcoin scalability issues and cross-platform transactions. The decentralized JAX coins aim to redefine economic value quantification.

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