Japan’s Financial Services Agency proposes amendment favoring DAO operations


  • Japan’s FSA updates the law to treat DAO member rights like LLC member rights, improving legal clarity for DAOs.
  • The change aims to boost DAO operations and participation by establishing a clear legal framework.
  • Pending public feedback until March 4, this amendment is a key move to integrate DAOs into Japan’s legal system.

The Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA) has announced a draft for a regulatory amendment. This change aims to align the legal treatment of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) member rights tokens with those of traditional limited liability company (LLC) employee rights. It is also geared at integrating innovative blockchain technologies within the legal framework, offering a more fluid operational industry for DAOs and tokenized LLCs in Japan.

Regulatory evolution for DAOs

The proposed amendment to Article 2 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act directly responds to the needs of the decentralized internet, or Web3. Again, the development seeks to provide a clear legal foundation for DAOs, which are collaborative platforms where members participate in specific projects through a decentralized governance structure. 

By equating the status of “legal company-type DAO employee rights tokens” with that of ordinary LLC member rights, the FSA aims to mitigate the regulatory hurdles currently faced by tokenized entities. This adjustment is expected to facilitate smoother operations for DAOs, ensuring that the rights of employees in tokenized LLCs are recognized and protected under Japanese law.

The amendment is designed to clarify the legal nature of DAOs, including the rules governing their operation, the responsibilities and interests of their members, and their tax obligations. By addressing these aspects, the FSA aims to bolster confidence in DAOs as a viable option for project collaboration and governance.

Future Prospects

The proposed amendment is currently open for public comment until March 4. The FSA aims to craft well-informed and inclusive policies that reflect the complexities of modern financial technologies. Once the consultation period concludes, the amendment will undergo the necessary procedural steps before its enactment.

The anticipated regulatory changes are poised to enhance the operational efficiency of DAOs in Japan significantly. By aligning the legal status of DAO member rights tokens with those of traditional LLC employee rights, the FSA is paving the way for a more integrated and flexible legal environment for decentralized organizations. Undoubtedly, This move will likely stimulate innovation and growth within the Web3 space, attracting more participants to explore the potential of DAOs in project development and governance.

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