Jack Dorsey claims Ethereum is not powerful enough to disrupt Big Tech

Jack Dorsey

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  • Jack Dorsey has again belittled the crypto market’s most significant altcoin, Ether (ETH) with his offhand statement on Twitter.
  • The popular Bitcoin supporter and Twitter CEO had downplayed Ethereum’s potential and future scopes many times in the past
  • The statement says, “Disrupting ‘Big Tech’ is exactly what’s needed and what I want.”

After the recent comment by Jack Dorsey, Twitter users floated over the flood of discussions of the usefulness of nonfungible tokens(NFT) for Twitter. A Twitter account argued that the use of integration of NFT would be more to Ethereum than to Twitter.

Jack Dorsey didn’t decline the fact and agreed on the benefits Ethereum could witness by such a move but he commented, “Every account on Twitter being able to link to a Lightning wallet, however…”

It is a known fact that Twitter has participated in various activities related to NFTs and Jack Dorsey himself has used the technology for raising charity but he still remained a loyal Bitcoin supporter and broken hearts of Ether fans.

Jack Dorsey explains stance on Ethereum

After the comment by Dorsey, a Twitter user pushed him to respond to the question of why he hates ETH when the coin has potential and there is room for more than one piece to the puzzle to which he replied that supporting and focusing on one thing does not create hate for others.

In a similar thread of discussion, Dorsey declined claims that he was intentionally being negative about Ethereum and clarified by commenting, “decentralization isn’t an end goal […] it’s just one method of fixing the money.”

Jack Dorsey has repeatedly insisted that Bitcoin is the only currency that will stand till the end. Unlike many Bitcoin supporters who partially believe that Ethereum could give a tough competition to the BItcoin in the coming days, Dorsey has always remained resistant to investing in altcoins.

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