Istanbul Municipality Unveils AI-Powered Tourism Apps to Boost Tourism


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  • Istanbul launches “Visit Istanbul” with AI guide to redefine tourism.
  • Mayor İmamoğlu aims to amplify Istanbul’s global voice.
  • AI tourist guide and Creators Club to transform visitor experience.

In a concerted effort to enhance tourism and provide visitors with easier access to the city’s rich cultural heritage, the Istanbul Municipality has launched a groundbreaking tourism initiative named “Visit Istanbul.” This initiative features a web portal, an artificial intelligence (AI) tourist guide application, and a platform for content creators. Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu introduced these innovations at a recent event held at a Beşiktaş hotel on December 13, emphasising the municipality’s commitment to establishing a world-class tourism data centre.

Visit Istanbul web portal: Your gateway to the city’s riches

The Visit Istanbul web portal, the flagship component of this initiative, aspires to transform tourists into Istanbulites. Designed with an approach that seeks to augment rather than deplete the city’s resources and culture, Visit Istanbul aims to make everyone’s experience accessible. It nurtures a sense of belonging among Istanbulites while amplifying the city’s global voice.

Artificial intelligence tourist guide: Navigating Istanbul with ease

One of the standout features of the Visit Istanbul initiative is the forthcoming AI-powered tourist guide application. Set to launch in February 2024, this digital guide promises to be a valuable companion for visitors exploring the city. It will offer personalised recommendations and insights, enhancing the overall tourist experience. With this innovative tool, tourists can look forward to a seamless journey through Istanbul’s vibrant streets and historical landmarks.

Istanbul Creators Club platform: Empowering content creators

In addition to the AI tourist guide, the Istanbul Creators Club Platform is another exciting component of Visit Istanbul. This platform serves as a creative hub for content creators, giving them a unique opportunity to share their experiences of Istanbul from their perspectives. Through this initiative, content creators can contribute to showcasing Istanbul’s diverse and captivating facets, further enriching the city’s allure for future visitors.

Mayor İmamoğlu’s vision for Istanbul’s tourism

During the event, Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu expressed his vision for Istanbul’s tourism sector, emphasising the importance of collaboration among all stakeholders. He stated, “With this platform, we share the excitement of building the tourism ecosystem of this fascinating city of history with a sustainable, qualified, and common mind, and we aim to tell the story of Istanbul most creatively and originally in collaboration with all our sector stakeholders. Visit Istanbul accounts, ‘Creators Club,’ and the artificial intelligence application will be among our qualitative works that will revitalise Istanbul’s tourism, just like the IBB Heritage application, ‘Bosphorus,’ and ‘Istanbul Card.’”

İmamoğlu also conveyed his confidence in achieving the tourism goals of Istanbul and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, expressing his determination to elevate Istanbul’s brand value globally. This comprehensive initiative aligns with the municipality’s commitment to positioning Istanbul as a premier tourist destination.

Transforming tourism in Istanbul

Visit Istanbul represents a significant step forward in redefining the way tourists experience Istanbul. By combining innovative technology, creative content, and the richness of the city’s culture, this initiative is poised to set new standards in sustainable and immersive tourism. With the AI tourist guide and the Istanbul Creators Club Platform on the horizon, visitors can anticipate an enriched and personalised exploration of Istanbul’s treasures.

A bright future for Istanbul tourism

As the Visit Istanbul initiative takes shape, Istanbul is on the cusp of a tourism revolution. With an unwavering commitment to sustainability and cultural preservation, the city aims to showcase its multifaceted charm to the world. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and the creativity of content creators, Istanbul is poised to become an even more enticing destination for travellers from around the globe. With Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu’s vision leading the way, Istanbul’s tourism future looks brighter.

In the coming months, tourists and content creators alike will eagerly await the launch of the AI tourist guide and the opportunities presented by the Istanbul Creators Club Platform. These innovations promise to elevate the Istanbul experience, offering a more profound connection between visitors and the city’s rich heritage. Visit Istanbul is set to be the new gateway that welcomes the world to explore the wonders of Istanbul, ensuring that the city’s brand value shines as it rightfully deserves.

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