Is Google being biased against Ethereum on its advertising network?

Google has been known to be very strict policies, yet there is another gimmick Google has been notoriously famous at; the unspoken rules. Ethereum startups are now claiming that Google has banned the keyword Ethereum on its advertising network.

On the other hand, there is no official notification from Google that would allow advertisers to know before pushing their advertisement on the network about the ban.

Experts believe that since the startup only checked a few regions and then found the problem with the word Ethereum, it may be an anti-scamming precautionary measure on Google’s part.

After trying to contact Google for clarification, however to no avail, a representative took on Redditt to express that the search giant has now banned the keyword, Ethereum on their network without any clarification.

There is, however, no confirmation from Google or otherwise that the keyword has been blocked. Google has been known to take action against individual or company accounts based on their activities and falling onto the “suspicious” list at Google may also cause such an issue, experts believed.

Google in its terms and conditions promises users on both advertising and publishing end to curb scam and other fraud at their end or take best measures to do so. On the other hand, one to many scammers trying to push through Google advertisement had lead to a ban on cryptocurrency related ban back in March 2018. The ban was later lifted in September 2018.

Google has also announced in the past measure have been put forth, and it may just be an isolated case where the company representative has taken the frustration out on Redditt after being unable to get at par with Google standards.