Is English the Blockchain Translator App?

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Do we need a blockchain translator app? I believe we do, and that translator app is English.

Soon, in the future, our blockchain babe, Saanvi, will wake up in a blockchain connected world and “speak” blockchain, crypto and tokenomics to her friends just like she speaks Hindi to her Daadee ma.

She’ll speak it on Facebook, LinkedIn, at school, doing her banking, etc, and the question for all students to ask themselves is…

Do we need to learn to speak blockchain, and what opportunity does this give us if we do?

So why is English important for blockchain?
  • Well, you’re reading this article in English.
  • The most information on the web about blockchain is in English.
  • If you want to learn about blockchain, chat to a blockchain coder, interact with a blockchain group online, most of the time you will do so in English.

It’s 2025…

Saanvi is sitting in a quaint tea shop in Pune talking with her best friend Prisha. Saanvi has completed her studies and is working at the Mumbai Trade and Industry office as a business communication specialist.

Prisha asks Saanvi how blockchain works and how it has impacted her life and why she is so excited about using the technology

How Does Blockchain Work?

“Prisha, you use spreadsheets in your work as an admin clerk at the Pune hospital, well imagine a spreadsheet you are working on that is duplicated many thousands of times across the world on a network of computers. Then imagine that this network is designed to regularly update the information on the spreadsheet, sharing it and continually reconciling all of the data across the network as a shared database so that all users have the same copy of the spreadsheet.

This is how blockchain works.”

“Can you give me an example of using blockchain in your day today Saanvi?”

“Of course. OK, last night before I went to bed I went onto the Railtel app and bought a train ticket from Mumbai to Pune to come and visit you. Normally Visa card would take a processing fee for this transaction, but on the blockchain, I didn’t have to deal with a middle man.

It was just me and Railtel.

The ticket I bought is a block and was added to a ticket blockchain. The wonderful thing is this: it’s free. The Railtel blockchain transferred and stored my money, and in so doing replaced all processes and business models which Visa used that needed to charge a fee for the transaction.

I got onto the train at the Kanjurmarg railway station, scanned my ticket on my mobile and the blockchain verified the transaction, my identity, and my route instantly.  On the train down, because blockchain transactions are free, I paid 1/100 of a cent to look at the latest Lady Gaga video, and then another 1/100 of a cent to read the article on global pollution we were discussing.

I’ve canceled my annual subscription fee to National Geographic – it’s so easy now to pay per article on the app or on Facebook or Telegram.”

“That is amazing Saanvi! You told me before you’d been paid to learn English…how does that work?”

“Well. English is a global language, and globalization creates a need for students to be competent in English if they want better-paying jobs once they graduate. English is a vital skill in business.

Prisha, you know that an English speaking employee can earn 25% more than a non-English speaker? Well, it’s true.

The world is becoming more competitive, and being bilingual or multilingual can help set us apart from our peers.

While I was studying, EnglishForward.com had a blockchain integration that allowed me to earn while I was learning.

So the more questions I asked, the more courses I completed and the more I interacted with the platform the more tokens I was awarded. These added up quickly and I was able to use them from my token wallet to pay for many things, some of them being the railway ticket to Pune today, watching the Lady Gaga video and reading the Facebook article.

And it all happened seamlessly.

The wonderful thing was that while I was “earning to learn” English, my contributions we helping another English student in Africa or Malaysia or somewhere else learn English. And they could earn too.

A global community working together – so cool!”

“That sounds amazing Saanvi! Can I also improve my English and earn while I learn or is it only for university graduates?”

“Anyone can do it Prisha!! All you have to do is create an account on EnglishForward.com, they will set you up with a digital wallet, and you can get started. You can start earning today as you learn English on the platform.”

Watch this space: EnglishForward.com will be building a blockchain platform to democratize the learning of the English language, allowing students to earn as they learn, and help others improve their lives in the process.

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