Invictus Capital to launch NFT Collection to expose African artists globally


TL;DR Breakdown

  • Invictus Capital announced an African NFT collection to showcase the potential of African artists worldwide.
  • Africa experiences internet breakdowns that have hindered its artists from joining the digital asset space.

Invictus Capital announced a Non-fungible token collection to showcase African art via web 3.0 technology. The digital asset labeled “Out of Africa” is processed by the Invictus NFT Lab. The company believes that the program is vital in linking African art masters with other continents. The program aims to bring together good pieces of art and blockchain networks. Besides, most African artists will see their work trend worldwide, thus exposing them to the globe.

Roll-out phase

The project will kick off early next year with digital collectibles posters from the shared details. February will see the NFT rendition of the unique physical artwork auction.

The call to announce the program has won the company many accolades, especially from stakeholders who rely on arts. For example, Marelize van Zyl the custodian of the announced NFT collection recognized the Invictus effort. This is what he said,

“The launched collection consists of 100 special digital arts. It runs on the Ethereum network. The platform has accorded several African artists the opportunity to venture into the digital asset platform. The program is a score for the originators, besides, it is a representation of all artists, ranging from newbies to established talents.”

On his side, Charl Bezuidenhout of Worldart had this to say. “Through NFTs, artists can have a worldwide audience. And in return, the audience can quickly turn to markets. Besides, the artists earn royalties thanks to the blockchain network.”

Blockchain is playing a pivotal role in reaching huge numbers. Besides, smart contracts make investors confident to venture into space without fear of conflicts.

Bringing African NFTs to the major markets

The leader at the Invictus firm, Daniel Schwartzkopff, added his voice in the conversation. According to him, NFT collections are vital in bringing digital assets to significant investment markets. He said that the collection would rally traditional artists, modern artists, and any person of interest in between.

It was only a matter of time before someone could step up and build a collection of NFTs. Some African artists have been making money through the sale of digital assets. The NFT is a big market, and most artists from Nigeria have penetrated the space.

One of Nigeria’s most digital artists, Sinach, is a testimony. He quips that he can quickly get sufficient pay for his NFT art. He adds that what triggered him to join the space was exposing his work to a considerable market, actually global radar.

However, there is a barrier for an African artist. Experts sites internet penetration in Africa is low. Therefore, it hinders most creatives from joining the NFT world. Thus, the entry of Invictus is a massive boost for the artists within the continent. The NFT market has growing interest from various quarters, and African sports personalities should also form part of it.

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