Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs will not affect crypto mining performance


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• Users continuing talk about Intel’s Arc Alchemist cards, and new questions arise as it nears launch.
• New details continue to emerge about Arc Alchemist GPUs and how they work.

Clients have many doubts about Intel’s Arc Alchemist cards and their cryptocurrency and mining performance. Intel CEO Raja Koduri, along with Vice President and General Manager, Roger Chandler, have been interviewed to clarify some customers’ questions.

Roger Chandler has said that the company has offered optimized hardware and innovative features to solve any problem. One of the most asked by customers is whether Arc Alchemist cards will be fooled by mining performance, as with NVIDIA, which places a hashrate limiter on its cards. Executives have said that their customers can rest assured that the same will not happen with these cards.

Intel’s Arc Alchemist cards will not affect crypto mining


Users have many questions about the new Arc cards, such as how the company will guarantee existence at launch. Executives said that Intel will enter as a third player, but it has not been a problem for users and partners.

They have indicated that  OEM partners and end-users have had a phenomenal reception. Raja Koduri and Roger Chandler have commented there are no features specifically targeted at miners. Both executives agreed that the company’s work team does not want to prevent users’ cards from creating cryptocurrencies.

Quality service for a demanding market

In the interview, they have also said that the company is working hard to offer a quality service, and they are very cautious because the demand has been high. They know that the market is very demanding, and they are looking for quality products that can provide greater security and opportunity.

This leading company can make all movements possible although they do not have enough supply during its launch.

Every day, more states seek to adopt mining laws that allow or prohibiting computers depending on the power they use. So many gamers now have many questions about the GPUs they are doing, ranging from 350 to 400 W, and how to make them more efficient about power consumption.

The company’s engineers work to reduce the power and reach the range that the GPUs demand. For executives, energy efficiency is significant. Although they did not indicate where the Arc Alchemists will fall in terms of energy efficiency, they said it was imperative for the company.

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