Intel Establishes Articul8 AI, a New Independent Company in the AI Industry


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  • Intel creates Articul8 AI, a new independent company backed by investors like DigitalBridge Group, to advance AI software solutions.
  • Articul8 AI addresses privacy and cost concerns, offering a secure and cost-effective alternative for AI work, and aims to meet market demands.
  • Arun Subramaniyan, a former Intel executive, leads Articul8 AI as CEO, while a diverse group of investors supports the venture, highlighting its potential in the AI industry.

Intel (INTC.O) has unveiled the formation of Articul8 AI, a newly established independent company. This initiative, backed by investors, including DigitalBridge Group, underscores Intel’s commitment to pioneering AI software solutions that address key industry challenges. To enhance AI development and deployment, Articul8 AI is set to make waves in the field.

Articul8 AI, the brainchild of Intel, is poised to revolutionize the AI industry by leveraging investments from diverse partners, including DigitalBridge Group (DBRG.N), a digital-focused asset manager. This collaborative effort signals a significant shift in Intel’s approach to AI development, with a commitment to bringing fresh perspectives and resources into the fold.

Intel’s AI endeavors take center stage

This groundbreaking venture results from Intel’s extensive work on corporate AI technology, originally collaborating with Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Intel’s cutting-edge generative AI system, capable of processing text and images, was developed using open-source and proprietary technologies. With its impressive capabilities, this system has become a cornerstone of Articul8 AI’s mission.

Intel’s foresight in addressing critical privacy and security concerns has been instrumental in shaping Articul8 AI’s direction. By adapting their AI system for deployment within BCG’s data centers, Intel has provided a robust solution for clients wary of entrusting their sensitive data to large cloud computing companies. This strategic move aligns Articul8 AI with the evolving needs of the market.

Arun Subramaniyan, formerly a vice president and general manager in Intel’s data center and AI group, has been appointed as the chief executive of Articul8. His extensive experience and leadership within Intel make him a key player in the company’s AI expansion plans. Under his guidance, Articul8 AI is well-positioned to thrive in the competitive AI landscape.

Meeting market demands

Articul8 AI’s creation comes in response to growing demand from potential customers reluctant to entrust their valuable data to large cloud computing conglomerates for AI work. Concerns over the rising costs associated with deploying AI systems for their employees have also been a significant factor in driving the need for more accessible and cost-effective solutions.

Intel’s move to establish Articul8 AI is part of a broader strategy to seek external capital for various business units. Notably, the chipmaker previously spun out Mobileye Global, a car chip firm, and has plans for an eventual initial public offering of its programmable chip unit. These strategic moves highlight Intel’s commitment to diversifying its portfolio and driving innovation across industries.

Investors rally behind Articul8 AI

Beyond DigitalBridge Group’s involvement, other prominent investors have supported Articul8 AI. The diverse investor base includes Fin Capital, Mindset Ventures, Communitas Capital, GiantLeap Capital, GS Futures, and Zain Group. Their collective backing underscores the potential and significance of this venture in the AI sector.

Intel’s announcement of the formation of Articul8 AI marks a pivotal moment in the company’s pursuit of excellence in the AI industry. With strong investor backing, a focus on addressing market demands, and a dedicated leadership team led by Arun Subramaniyan, Articul8 AI is poised to become a driving force in the AI software solutions market. 

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