Innovation to Prevent Stampedes at Music Venues and Stadiums Nominated for National Award

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  • Stampede Prevention System: AI and airbags unite to revolutionize crowd safety at venues and stadiums.
  • Eray Kayar’s innovation was shortlisted for the Engineers in Business competition; a potential game-changer in event safety.
  • Automating crowd control for safer evacuations – Eray Kayar’s visionary solution to prevent stampedes.

In a bid to tackle the serious safety concerns associated with stampedes at music venues and stadiums, a promising innovation known as the Stampede Prevention System has emerged as a finalist in the prestigious Engineers in Business Champion of Champions competition. Designed by Eray Kayar, a student at Queen’s University Belfast, this groundbreaking system has the potential to revolutionize crowd control and ensure the safety of event attendees.

The stampede prevention system: A glimpse into the future of crowd safety

Stampedes at crowded events have long been a cause for concern, with tragic incidents occurring even in well-developed cities. Eray Kayar recognized the pressing need for a solution and embarked on a journey to develop an innovative system that would mitigate the risks associated with stampedes.

At its core, the Stampede Prevention System combines cutting-edge technology, including an AI-powered flow monitoring system, with a controller and splitter airbags that can be seamlessly integrated into the flooring of venues. These airbags remain concealed until the system detects an abnormal situation, at which point they inflate to create safe pathways for eventgoers to evacuate, significantly reducing the risk of stampedes.

Eray Kayar’s vision: automation for Safer Crowds

Eray Kayar, the creative mind behind this potentially life-saving technology, envisions a future where the automation of crowd management plays a pivotal role in ensuring public safety. He rightly points out that manual control and traditional hard steel barriers have limitations when it comes to handling large crowds effectively. His invention promises to automate the flow of people, facilitating orderly evacuations in high-pressure situations.

“The crush of people, even in well-developed cities, cannot be handled using manual control and hard steel barriers,” Kayar explained. “This innovation will automate the flow of people and allow for safe evacuation.”

A finalist in the Engineers in Business Champion of champions competition

Eray Kayar’s Stampede Prevention System has not only garnered attention but has also earned a spot as a finalist in the Engineers in Business Champion of Champions competition. This recognition underscores the significance and potential impact of his innovation.

On November 3, 2023, at the Royal Academy of Engineering, Kayar will pitch his idea against nine other teams of student innovators, vying for a total prize fund of £16,000. This financial support will serve as vital seed money to further develop and refine the Stampede Prevention System.

Engineers in business champion of champions: fostering innovation and entrepreneurship

The Engineers in Business Champion of Champions competition, hosted by TV presenter and engineer Rob Bell, represents the culmination of a year of enterprise competitions held across UK universities. Thousands of undergraduate and graduate students have participated, showcasing their inventive ideas and entrepreneurial spirit.

The competition is organized by the Engineers in Business Fellowship, an organization committed to promoting business education for engineers and supporting universities by providing grants to award prizes to engineering students. These prizes are aimed at recognizing and encouraging ideas that have the potential to make a positive impact on society.

Eray Kayar reflects on his journey and the competition

Eray Kayar, reflecting on his experience participating in the Engineers in Business competition, emphasized its pivotal role in translating technical knowledge and ideas into successful businesses. He views this competition as an excellent opportunity to broaden his reach, share his innovative concept with a wider audience, and access funding opportunities that can propel his innovation to new heights.

“Taking part in the Engineers in Business competition was vital to consolidate technical knowledge and ideas into a successful business,” Kayar stated. “This is a great opportunity to influence more people, spread the idea, and gain funding opportunities.”

As November 3, 2023, approaches, the anticipation builds around Eray Kayar’s pitch at the Engineers in Business Champion of Champions competition. His innovative Stampede Prevention System has the potential to reshape the way we approach crowd safety at music venues and stadiums, offering hope for a safer and more secure future for event attendees.

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