Injective Embarks on a New Era with the Volan Mainnet Upgrade

Injective Embarks on a New Era with the Volan Mainnet Upgrade

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Injective, a pioneering entity in the realm of Web3  finance, has now marked a significant milestone with the launch of its most extensive mainnet upgrade to date: the Volan Upgrade. The development signifies the dawn of a new era in digital finance, the company is introducing a suite of innovative features and capabilities that are set to redefine the industry.

The Volan Upgrade is not just an incremental update; it represents a leap forward, establishing Injective as a frontrunner in the space. The upgrade encompasses the introduction of the world’s first native Real World Asset (RWA) infrastructure, significant enhancements in blockchain scalability and interoperability, novel token burn capabilities, and various other groundbreaking enhancements.

Key highlights of the Volan Mainnet upgrade by Injective

Injective’s latest mainnet upgrade introduces the groundbreaking Real World Asset (RWA) Module, setting a new precedent in blockchain technology by offering unmatched management and customization of permissioned assets. The innovation uniquely positions Injective as the sole blockchain platform with a native permissioning layer, providing a secure and regulated environment for asset trading while maintaining the core tenets of transparency and decentralization.

The RWA Module enables the integration of diverse real-world assets into the digital realm, broadening the scope of decentralized finance and creating opportunities for a wide range of assets, from traditional financial instruments to unconventional holdings like real estate and art. It not only enhances asset liquidity but also democratizes access to financial markets, making Injective a pioneer in bridging the gap between traditional finance and blockchain, and paving the way for a more inclusive and expansive financial ecosystem.

The move enhances capital efficiency and compliance for financial institutions. The upgrade also brings significant advancements in interoperability with an improved Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol, enabling seamless cross-chain transactions. Further enhancements include enterprise-grade APIs for reduced latency, solidifying Injective as the fastest Layer 1 blockchain for finance, and a new Oracle Feed Design for integrating off-chain price feeds. Additionally, Injective has optimized its token economics, making the INJ token increasingly deflationary, and has introduced the capability for users to burn any bank token on the platform, responding to community demand and enhancing user control.

Impact on the financial ecosystem

The Volan Upgrade brings an unmatched level of infrastructure for both developers and institutions. Coinciding with the debut of the much-anticipated Bitcoin Spot ETF, the upgrade paves the way for introducing novel use cases and driving the true adoption of crypto.

The RWA module, in particular, is a game-changer. It allows institutions to launch permissioned assets while maintaining control over interactions, thereby meeting compliance needs and facilitating on-chain institutional adoption. Backed by major Web3 institutions like Brevan Howard and Cumberland, Injective’s RWA module can significantly influence the on-chain institutional adoption landscape.

Injective has always placed a high value on community involvement. The Volan Upgrade was made possible through community voting, specifically for Injective Improvement Proposal 314 (IIP-314). As Injective continues to evolve, it encourages all community members to participate in governance through platforms like the Injective Hub, ensuring that the future of finance is shaped by its users.


The Volan Mainnet Upgrade marks a monumental step in Injective’s journey towards creating an entirely new financial paradigm. With the upgrade, Injective is poised to accelerate growth, with unique dApps launching on-chain that were previously impossible. As Injective continues to innovate, it sets new industry standards, particularly with its RWA module, enabling both everyday users and institutions to access the only blockchain built specifically for finance. The future of finance is unfolding on Injective, promising an exciting and transformative journey ahead.

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