Infineon and Aurora Labs Partner for AI-Driven Automotive Safety


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  • Infineon and Aurora Labs partner to enhance automotive safety through AI-driven predictive maintenance. 
  • Real-time monitoring and response to software failures ensure vehicle safety compliance. 
  • This collaboration sets a new standard for automotive safety, making roads safer for all.

In a groundbreaking collaboration announced at CES 2024, global semiconductor leader Infineon Technologies has partnered with Aurora Labs, a pioneer in AI-based solutions, to revolutionize predictive maintenance for the automotive industry. This strategic alliance aims to significantly elevate safety standards in the automotive sector by leveraging cutting-edge AI technology. By harnessing Aurora Labs’ Line-of-Code Intelligence (LOCI) AI technology and implementing it on Infineon’s 32-bit TriCore AURIX TC4x family of microcontrollers (MCUs), the partnership seeks to enhance the reliability and safety of critical automotive components such as steering, braking systems, and airbags. This synergy aims to provide automotive manufacturers with the means to ensure greater vehicle safety, longevity, and performance throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle.

AI-powered solutions for enhanced vehicle safety

Infineon Technologies, a renowned chip maker with a workforce of 58,600 employees, and Aurora Labs, a specialist in AI-powered solutions, have joined forces to drive advancements in automotive safety through AI-based predictive maintenance. This innovative collaboration brings together Infineon’s expertise in semiconductor technology with Aurora Labs’ LOCI AI technology, resulting in a powerful solution aimed at fortifying the long-term reliability of critical automotive components.

One of the key highlights of this partnership is the real-time monitoring and response to software failures at both the MCU (Microcontroller Unit) and ECU (Electronic Control Unit) levels. By utilizing Aurora Labs’ LOCI AI technology, this joint solution enables swift detection and mitigation of software failures, aligning with WP29 requirements. Moreover, it safeguards applications and over-the-air (OTA) updates, effectively countering malicious attacks and hardware safety failures. This proactive approach to software maintenance ensures a seamless and secure experience for drivers while enhancing vehicle safety.

Optimizing OEM software development processes

Infineon and Aurora Labs are committed to optimizing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) software development processes. This collaborative effort addresses the intricacies of lines of code within automotive software and focuses on hardware peripheral resolutions. By doing so, the partners aim to facilitate the development of safer systems that comply with the stringent ASIL-D (Automotive Safety Integrity Level-D) standards. This strategic endeavor reflects a shared commitment to improving automotive safety through innovation and technology.

Thomas Schneid, a senior director at Infineon, expressed the significance of this partnership, stating, “As a leading provider of automotive semiconductors, our collaboration with Aurora Labs signifies a significant step towards enhancing predictive maintenance applications for vehicles. The fusion of Infineon’s established AURIX MCUs with Aurora Labs’ software capabilities in preventing data corruption and software misbehavior ensures an elevated safety level for critical automotive functions, including steering, braking, and airbags.”

Predictive safety maintenance using AI capabilities

The primary objective of this partnership is to facilitate predictive safety maintenance using AI capabilities. By leveraging AI-driven automated processes, the solution offers real-time monitoring and response to software failures, ensuring the integrity of critical automotive functions. This approach enhances not only the reliability of steering, braking, and airbag systems but also the overall safety of vehicles on the road.

The collaboration between Infineon and Aurora Labs is poised to have a profound impact on the automotive industry by enhancing vehicle safety compliance. By addressing software vulnerabilities and potential hardware failures, this partnership aims to minimize risks associated with automotive components. This proactive approach aligns with global automotive safety standards and regulations, contributing to the development of safer and more reliable vehicles.

In a landmark partnership announced at CES 2024, Infineon Technologies and Aurora Labs have united their expertise to revolutionize predictive maintenance in the automotive industry. By harnessing AI technology and leveraging Infineon’s advanced microcontroller units, the partnership aims to enhance the safety and reliability of critical automotive components. This innovative approach enables real-time monitoring and response to software failures, ensuring the integrity of vital functions such as steering, braking, and airbags. With a commitment to compliance with safety standards and regulations, this collaboration represents a significant step forward in ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers on the road. Through their joint efforts, Infineon and Aurora Labs are setting a new standard for automotive safety, making the roads safer for all.

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