Indian university to host Bangalore Blockchain Summit 2019 amidst crypto ban

Alliance University in Bangalore would be hosting the Bangalore Blockchain Summit 2019 on the 27th of July 2019 amidst a cryptocurrency ban in the country.

Despite a cryptocurrency ban in the country; distributed ledge technology (DLT), and the blockchain are widely accepted in the country. The conference would be covering at least ten different sectors, and the experts would be discussing the impact of these technologies on these sectors on a global scale.

On the other hand, the chief executive officer of the cryptocurrency exchange startup in India, CoinRecoil has written an open letter to the Prime Minister of the country Narendra Singh Modi to take notice of the issue and allow cryptocurrency operations in the country.

Despite the adverse conditions in the country and a Bitcoin premium as high as six-hundred dollars ($600) per Bitcoin, the country is a thriving market for cryptocurrency traders. However, all amidst a blanket ban on the cryptocurrencies imposed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

The Bangalore Blockchain Summit 2019, made possible in collaboration with firm KPI Consulting Services would especially be covering Management Consulting, Insurance, impact on Telecom and the not-for-profit sectors on a global scale.

Alliance University is among the top Indian universities when it comes to technological studies and advancements. The official release states that

“The conference aims to present a series of interactive panel discussions, case studies, paper presentations and expert sessions making the event apt for both business and academia.”

Given the current government regulation conditions against cryptocurrency, such events are vital to keep the voice alive and spread awareness towards blockchain and in turn benefits of cryptocurrency.