India set to leverage AI to forecast severe weather issues


  • India has announced that it will use AI technology to forecast severe weather conditions.
  • AI technology’s impact on climate and agriculture.

India, a country grappling with diverse weather patterns and a population of 1.4 billion, is delving into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize its climate modeling and forecasting capabilities. Spearheaded by the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the initiative is driven by the potential of AI to enhance predictions, particularly for severe weather conditions like floods and droughts.

India’s IMD to leverage AI for climate uses

The current forecasting methodologies employed by the IMD rely on mathematical models and supercomputers. However, the integration of AI into these processes is anticipated to yield weather data of higher quality while also being more cost-effective. K.S. Hosalikar, the head of climate research and services at IMD, foresees AI playing a pivotal role in improving forecasting accuracy, a critical factor in a country where extreme weather events such as heatwaves and disease outbreaks pose significant challenges.

Already, AI is actively contributing to public safety by creating alerts for extreme weather events and health-related issues like malaria outbreaks. The IMD’s vision extends beyond conventional forecasting, with plans to establish weather observatories at the village level. This decentralized approach aims to provide higher-resolution forecasting data, catering to the unique weather dynamics across the country. To support this venture, the Indian government has set up a dedicated center to test the integration of AI into traditional weather forecasting methods.

Workshops and conferences are on the agenda, indicating a concerted effort to explore the full potential of AI in advancing climate modeling capabilities. India’s significance in global agriculture adds another layer of importance to accurate weather forecasting. As the second-largest producer of rice, wheat, and sugar, the country’s agricultural landscape is intricately linked to weather patterns. The increasing frequency and intensity of climate-related challenges, including droughts and heat waves, underscore the urgency of leveraging advanced technologies like AI to mitigate risks.

AI technology’s impact on climate and agriculture

It will also enhance resilience in the agricultural sector. At the Wired Impact Conference in London, Google’s DeepMind climate action lead, Sims Witherspoon, introduced a strategic framework termed “Understand, Optimize, Accelerate.” This framework outlines steps to harness the power of AI in addressing broader climate change challenges. It reflects a growing recognition of AI as a transformative tool not only in weather forecasting but also in the broader context of climate action.

Beyond AI, emerging technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency are making inroads into weather data optimization. Startups like WeatherXM are deploying decentralized weather stations globally, collecting local data, and incentivizing station owners with utility tokens. This decentralized approach holds promise in creating a more comprehensive and distributed network for weather data collection. India’s exploration of AI in climate modeling and forecasting marks a significant step toward leveraging cutting-edge technologies to address the complexities of its weather patterns.

The potential benefits extend beyond improved predictions to encompass enhanced public safety, agricultural resilience, and contributions to broader climate change mitigation efforts. As the nation embarks on this innovative journey, the intersection of AI, weather forecasting, and emerging technologies opens new avenues for sustainable and technologically driven solutions.

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