Imani Blockchain Platform targets to tap African banking sector

Imani Blockchain Platform targets to tap African banking sector

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According to media reports, a significant portion of the African adult population is still unbanked. The CEO and founder of Imani-Heidi Metz, said they would be offering the population a blockchain-dependent, low-cost mobile banking stage where consumers can store fiat as well as digital currency easily.

The primaries of the African population in the blockchain industry appear very simple, i.e. facilitating maximum people at multiple places. According to Global Findex data, more than one point seven billion (1.7 B) people across the globe have no access to banks or mobile banking practices.

Heidi is focused on changing that in African states by assisting people in using blockchain-dependent banking platform developed by her startup Imani. She stated that her primary focus will be to disrupt the West African states with her firm’s blockchain-based mobile wallet and payment system, which will sustain multiple virtual currencies. This will help citizens in storage, saving and transferring of fiat and cryptocurrencies. In addition, moving to blockchain technology before starting product development was a shrewd decision.

As stated by Metz, paydays in African states are a risky situation. Owing to the Low value of African currency and poor access to bank accounts, people carry cash-filled briefcases from workplaces to homes. The risks associated with this practice aren’t unfamiliar to any of us. Metz stated that payday is like having a target on your back.

The blockchain startup Imani has presently aligned with Solageo, a firm dealing with the retailing of solar and renewable energy products, aiming to reach customers as it practices payments for clean energy items through its platform. Soon, the startup may partner with telcos to not limit their customers to particular cell providers or phones.
Metz is hopeful that Africans will reap multiple benefits from the platform Imani.

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