I know who is real Satoshi Nakamoto, claims John McAfee

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The mystery behind the real Satoshi Nakamoto is as old as the Bitcoin itself. Many have claimed they know the man behind the Bitcoin saga, but none have backed their claims with credible evidence. The most well-known claimant to the Satoshi throne is Craig Wright. However, John McAfee has now stated that he knows who the real Satoshi Nakamoto is.

Speaking in an interview during the online Blockchain Week, John McAfee said that he is 99 percent sure who the real Satoshi Nakamoto is. Though technically gifted, John is well known for his eccentric proclamations. Interestingly, he declared himself to be the next presidential candidate of the United States. Moreover, he said that the COVID-19 is a conspiracy by the government and was once pictured with an AK-47.

McAfee has once ignited the debate on who is the real Satoshi Nakamoto

In the interview, he rejected the idea that someone named Satoshi has designed Bitcoin. He further added that BTC was the product of a team that worked for over five years before launching the cryptocurrency. Who eventually wrote the whitepaper is still a topic of debate, but most people know the options. He said that Craig Wright is a possibility, but it could be other team members as well, and he wouldn’t divulge their names.

McAfee says that there are sufficient clues hiding in plain sight in Bitcoin whitepaper. He asserts that Stylometry, or linguistic analysis, can reveal much more information about the author of the whitepaper. Extensive Stylometry can uncover the real Satoshi Nakamoto. For example, he says that the style of English used in the BTC whitepaper, especially American English, can help zero in on the author.

Does it matter who the real Satoshi Nakamoto is

Continuing further, he says that paper has two spaces after a period. This is a definitive sign as very few people use such a writing style, and a similar document publishing style can be traced in the author’s previously published papers. A simple analysis of the whitepaper using the authorship program can help filter out the author with 99 percent accuracy. His writing style would easily be deciphered by the authorship program.

Previously, McAfee had announced that he would reveal the real identity of Satoshi but then backed out. He said that he had rejected the idea since such a divulsion would endanger the life of real Satoshi Nakamoto. Governments, criminal elements, and even crypto fans would rush to him, which would eventually become a security concern for his life.

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