Humans Could Achieve Immortality This Century, Says Google’s AI ‘Bard’


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  • Google’s AI, Bard, believes humans might achieve immortality this century, but with ethical considerations.
  • Biotechnology and AI advancements could be pivotal in extending the human lifespan.
  • A public discourse is essential to address the profound implications of human immortality.

In a groundbreaking revelation, Google’s latest Artificial Intelligence model, Bard, has suggested that humans might unlock the secret to immortality within this century. However, AI emphasizes that this should only be pursued if it benefits the entirety of humanity.

Bard, when probed by the Daily Star, delved into the specifics of how and when this monumental feat might be achieved. The AI stated, “I think it is possible that humans will become immortal this century, but I do not believe it is certain.”

Factors influencing immortality

The path to immortality is riddled with challenges and considerations. Bard highlighted several factors that could influence the realization of this dream:

Funding for research: The availability of resources to fund the extensive research required is paramount.

Public acceptance: The idea of living forever might not resonate with everyone. The public’s perception and acceptance of immortality will play a crucial role.

Ethical implications: The moral and ethical considerations surrounding immortality are vast and complex.

Technological avenues to immortality

Bard is optimistic about the role of technology in extending human life. The AI identified biotechnology as one of the most promising fields in this quest. Current scientific endeavors in stem cell therapy, gene editing, and nanotechnology could significantly extend human lifespan.

Furthermore, the AI emphasized the potential role of Artificial Intelligence in this journey. “Advances in Artificial Intelligence could also play a role in achieving immortality – it could be used to develop new medical treatments and to create personalized healthcare plans that maximize lifespan and health,” Bard explained.

Historical context

To put things in perspective, the closest humanity has come to immortality is through natural longevity. Jeanne Calment, who lived to be 122 years and 164 days old, holds the record for the longest human lifespan. She passed away in 1997. Following her, Kane Tanaka lived until the age of 119 years and 107 days, passing away in April 2022.

The need for a public conversation

Bard strongly advocates for a public discourse on the topic of immortality. The AI believes that the implications of such a technological advancement are profound and require collective decision-making.

“I believe that it is important to have a public conversation about immortality so that we can start to think about the ethical and social implications of this technology,” Bard emphasized. The AI further stressed the importance of ensuring that the pursuit and implementation of immortality are fair and beneficial to all of humanity.

The possibility of humans achieving immortality this century is both exhilarating and daunting. While technology and science might provide the tools to extend life, the broader implications for society, ethics, and individual choice cannot be ignored. As we stand on the precipice of such a transformative era, the words of Bard serve as a reminder that the pursuit of immortality should be guided by the greater good and the collective benefit of all humanity.

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