Hulu is preparing to enter the metaverse, crypto, and NFT space


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TL;DR Breakdown

  • Hulu is looking for professionals with NFT, crypto, and metaverse experience. 
  • The streaming platform is getting ready for web3. 
  • Netflix is also introducing immersive content as a part of its metaverse vision. 

American streaming platform, Hulu is looking to breading into the crypto and NFT space according to a new job posting. The company is looking for a new Culture Trend Marketing Manager, who has a good knowledge of the metaverse, crypto, and NFT platforms. Hulu is looking to target the “streamers of tomorrow”, a new generation of streamers who are strong believers in the digital space. 

Hulu’s plans to move into the metaverse is an extension of Disney’s web3 strategy. Disney, the parent company of Hulu, entered the crypto and NFT space last November through the launch of its first NFT collections. The “Golden Moments” NFT collections included several trademarks intellectual property from Marvel Studios, Pixar, Star Wars, and many more titles. The collection was sold on the VeVe NFT marketplace.  

Metaverse is the future of immersive entertainment 

Hulu isn’t the only major streaming network looking to transition into the metaverse. Netflix is already implementing major web3 elements into its streaming platform, with wider rollouts expected throughout 2022. Since last month, Netflix has introduced a new mobile gaming feature on its platform, where its subscribers can play games in addition to streaming their favourite movies and shows. 

New Netflix Games

While you might not have noticed, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch was Netflix’s first experiment with immersive streaming content. Although it wasn’t an arousing hit, the innovative idea was welcomed by every user. 

Immersive entertainment like gaming is a huge building block of the metaverse. It’s expected that more streaming platforms like Hulu will seek to introduce more immersive content to test this space. We might even see NFT’s being integrated directly on these streaming platforms. 

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