How Workers Can Showcase Their AI Skills on Their Resumes

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  • Embrace AI to stay competitive in the evolving job market.
  • Showcase AI skills with concrete examples and side projects.
  • Demonstrate commitment through AI-related education and tools.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the job market, it’s essential for workers to stay ahead of the curve. As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to transform industries, job seekers are increasingly realizing the importance of highlighting their AI skills on their resumes. 

Embracing the AI revolution

AI has taken center stage in the business world in 2023, with companies like Nvidia reaping the rewards of this transformative technology. To keep pace with this trend, workers must prepare themselves to integrate AI into their roles. Amanda Augustine from TopResumé emphasizes the necessity of embracing AI, stating that it is becoming an integral part of many job functions.

1. Research AI vigorously

To showcase your AI skills, start by researching AI technology relevant to your field. Use online resources to explore common uses of AI in your industry. For example, a financial advisor can investigate how AI is currently employed in financial services. This initial research will provide a foundation for your AI knowledge.

Amanda Augustine emphasizes the importance of being proactive in your learning journey. Seek out tutorials and courses to deepen your understanding of AI’s practical applications in your field.

2. Provide concrete examples

Mere awareness of AI technology is not enough. Employers seek tangible evidence of how you have utilized AI to achieve results. Laurie MonteForte, spokesperson for Leet Resumés, advises job seekers to create real-world examples of their AI skills.

For instance, you can develop a ChatGPT sequence to automate tasks, such as creating a monthly content calendar, resulting in time and cost savings for your company. Highlighting these achievements on your resume demonstrates your ability to apply AI tools effectively.

3. Pursue side projects

If your current job doesn’t provide opportunities to use AI, consider embarking on side projects that allow you to apply AI skills. Amanda Augustine suggests creating personal projects related to AI and documenting your experiences. This proactive approach enables you to bolster your qualifications and showcase your commitment to AI technology.

4. List familiar AI-based tools

Rue Dooley, HR knowledge advisor for the Society for Human Resource Management, recommends listing AI-based tools you are familiar with and how you have used them. In an evolving job market, staying current with AI tools may be necessary for career advancement.

For those transitioning into AI-focused roles, Marc Cenedella, CEO and founder of Leet Resumés, suggests exploring tools like Langchain and PromptLayer, which are crucial for tech-heavy positions such as AI engineering. Demonstrating your familiarity with these tools can make you a more attractive candidate.

5. Show enthusiasm and commitment

To truly stand out, demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment to AI on your resume. Marc Cenedella advises including any AI-related education you’ve received. Platforms like Coursera offer courses on AI technologies like ChatGPT, allowing you to showcase your dedication to continuous learning.

Highlighting your coursework, whether through formal education or online platforms like Udemy, provides tangible evidence of your commitment to staying updated in the ever-evolving field of AI.

The era of AI has arrived, and workers must adapt to remain competitive in the job market. By diligently researching AI in your field, providing concrete examples of your AI achievements, listing familiar AI-based tools, and demonstrating your enthusiasm through education and personal projects, you can effectively showcase your AI skills on your resume. Embracing AI is not just a career choice but a necessity in today’s evolving workplace. So, don’t miss the opportunity to position yourself as an AI-savvy professional in the eyes of potential employers.

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