How to Create an NFT on OpenSea

NFT on Opensea

Over the past year, NFTs have developed into a cultural phenomenon that frequently makes headlines due to celebrity involvement, scams, and legal disputes. Someone might want to try their hand at making one, even though it’s difficult to predict whether they will maintain or regain their popularity after a market slump or two. NFTs’ popularity spread all over, with celebrities and artists selling their digital art for thousands of dollars and even for millions. If you are creative, you may want to create an NFT on Opensea.


OpenSea is the most popular marketplace for purchasing and selling NFT artwork. It stands head and shoulders above the dozens of other platforms that are comparable with more than a million transactions per month. Perhaps when you looked through their product categories, you wondered, “How can I mint NFTs?” If so, you should read this article.

Recently, non-fungible tokens (also known as NFT) were introduced into the Blues. Digital assets are expensive and sold as artwork. How may NFT be used? Before moving on, a brief review of the NFT ideas is necessary. Non-fungible tokens are digital tokens with real-world and virtual-world symbols as their representations. NFT is exchanged in a unique NFT market.

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What is OpenSea?


Exclusive offers that you may make to your NFT customer are known as unlockable content. No one will be able to see them prior to purchasing your artwork. But your NFT description may give them a clue.
The opportunity to personally meet with you at a restaurant may be the unlocking content. Or it may be a tangible work of your art. It will assist you in drawing in prospective supporters.

Software for NFT Art Creation


There are many benefits of creating an NFT on Opensea, such as getting your products or services in front of a new audience, increasing exposure for your brand, and more.

A significant component of the process is creating an engaging NFT item. But not everyone is adept at producing attention-grabbing work. NFT software enters the picture here. These are tools to make your digital art look appealing and professional.

Here is a list of some of the top applications:

  • The NFT Art Generator is a good mobile AR NFT maker for beginners and works well for exporting SketchAR. To utilize this, you don’t require advanced knowledge.
  • Top professionals primarily utilize Adobe Illustrator. It includes numerous incredible features that give your work flavor and character. Using this software will give your work a fantastic 3D effect.
  • Among the most popular pieces of software is Adobe Photoshop. It is capable of incredible image modification. Using this software adds a distinctive touch to your work.

Selling your NFT on a website like Opensea marketplace or Rarible will get you money. You should, however, understand how to market your craft. For further information, see any of our articles on NFTs.

What are unlockable contents with NFTs on OpenSea?

opensea vs looksrare

Unlockable contents are exclusive offers that you can give to your NFT buyer. No one will be able to see these before they buy your art. But they can get a hint from your NFT details.

The unlockable content could be a chance to meet with you physically at a restaurant. Or it could be a piece of your actual physical art. It will help you to attract your potential fan.

This article will introduce you to some of the most important things to keep in mind while researching NFT markets and creating NFTs. Moreover, when looking for and evaluating NFT blockchains for market expansion, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Compatibility & Speed

A small number of NFT projects are compatible with the bulk of the market. However, certain platforms allow for the support of several projects at once.

2. Security & Scalability

In this case, “scalability” means being able to handle more complex transactions per second safely. The NFT marketplace needs to be very safe so that both the creator’s and the buyer’s personal information is safe.

3. Efficacy of Smart Contracts

The efficiency and effectiveness of smart contracts are very important. Hence, writing bug-free, efficient, and safe code becomes essential. Therefore, a smart contract containing the conditions between vendors and purchasers must be tested to achieve maximum flexibility. 

4. Convenience & Ratings

Additionally, the market should offer a variety of NFT wallets and payment methods. Additionally, one may read reviews to learn more about other people’s experiences.

How to create NFTs on OpenSea

How to create an NFT on Opensea requires one to understand what an NFT is first of all. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets that cannot be replicated. They’re often used to represent ownership of digital or physical assets, like art, collectibles, and gaming items. Once you’ve reconciled yourself to this idea, then you are all set to undertake creating NFTs in OpenSea or any NFT marketplace.

1. Open your Metamask wallet


To open a Metamask wallet, click the Metamask extension in your browser toolbar. If you don’t have a Metamask account, create one by clicking “Create a Wallet.” Once you’re logged in, click on the “Collectibles” option from the main menu.

2. Buy Ethereum

Creating a cryptocurrency exchange account is the first step in buying Ethereum. You may try Coinbase, the most well-liked cryptocurrency exchange site if you don’t already have one. You may purchase and trade digital currencies like Ethereum from here. How to Purchase Ethereum (ETH) on Coinbase And Send it To Your Wallet.

  • Sign in, or create an account
  • Click Buy / Sell, and select Ethereum
  • Click Preview Buy to confirm your order and then select, Buy Now to complete your purchase.
  • When your ETH is available (up to 15 days), send it from Coinbase to your wallet
  • Open up your Metamask (or any other acceptable wallet) account and copy your wallet address
  • Go back to Coinbase and select Portfolio, and choose Ethereum. Click, Send, and then paste the wallet address that you copied into the To field. (Always double check you pasted your full wallet address)
  • Send ETH to Metamask from Coinbase 1
How to Create an NFT on OpenSea 1
  • Click Continue to send your ETH, it will likely take a few minutes to show up in the wallet you transferred it to.

Although ETH/WETH is the most preferred cryptocurrency on OpenSea, that isn’t to say it’s the only option. OpenSea has over 150 other payment tokens available, such as $UNI, $WHALE, and USDC. It is not currently possible to transact on OpenSea using non-crypto currencies like the USD and the Euro.

  • Now that you have your wallet loaded with some cryptocurrency, you are ready to set up your OpenSea account.

Depending on the gas charge required at the moment, you’ll need a different amount of Ethereum to start creating NFTs; a mini is a suitable starting point. The idea of a gas charge may seem confusing, but it basically refers to the amount Ethereum must pay the cryptocurrency’s miners. Unfortunately, OpenSea has no influence over the gas costs; they are determined by factors including new account registration fees, Ethereum payment method, and more.

Therefore, the first investment you’ll need to make is determined by the two gas costs involved in setting up your account and granting access to the item. There is no need to pay the present 2.5% service charge and the 10% royalty fee for the transaction using your NFT up advance; these fees are collected after payment.

3. Create a crypto wallet to use on OpenSea

Making a cryptocurrency wallet is the next step after purchasing some ETH. This wallet will be used to buy and sell NFTs on OpenSea.

The most popular choice on OpenSea is MetaMask, one of the easiest wallets to use. It is offered as a browser plugin, and Google Chrome and Brave are the best options for using it. Once installed, you can use it to store NFTs and other Ethereum-based tokens, as well as Ethereum itself.

4. Connect your wallet to OpenSea

You can connect your wallet to OpenSea with a few simple steps:

  1. Open the MetaMask extension in your browser and unlock it by entering your password.How to Create an NFT on OpenSea 2
  2. Navigate to http://www.opensea.io/ in the same browser and select Profile from the top-right corner.How to Create an NFT on OpenSea 3
  • Choose MetaMask when the page asks you to link your cryptocurrency wallet.
  1. Accept the terms and conditions, then verify your account by entering your username and email.

You should adhere to the email’s instructions for verification. All done! You may now start minting your first NFT. Start at Step 2 and choose the relevant option in Step 3 if you use another cryptocurrency wallet.

5. Create your first NFT collection

You may now construct your first NFT after setting up a wallet and linking it to OpenSea. Making a collection is the most effective approach to achieving this. When you can upload a single file, why not build collections? NFTs are best sold as a part of a collection since they get the greatest attention. You may create several iterations of a single NFT using different hues, forms, and materials.

To create a collection, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to your OpenSea profile and choose My Collection.How to Create an NFT on OpenSea 4
  2. Select Create to make a new collection.How to Create an NFT on OpenSea 5

This collection may be seen as your digital art resume. You are welcome to contribute your most recent artwork, memes, or even illustrations of cuddly cats. You may be astonished to hear that “cryptokitties,” stickers of cats that really can sell for hundreds of dollars, have their own category on OpenSea.

Minting the NFT

Once you’ve created your first collection, the NFT listing is simple. Simply adhere to the procedures below.

How to Create an NFT on OpenSea 6
  • Click on Add Item.
How to Create an NFT on OpenSea 7
  • Give an NFT a name after uploading it.
How to Create an NFT on OpenSea 8
  • Include the description of the item’s features, levels, and other details.
How to Create an NFT on OpenSea 9
  • Click Create when finished.
How to Create an NFT on OpenSea 10

Your NFT collection is now shown. You have the option of keeping it for exhibition or offering it for sale to the highest bidder.

Before you upload your first NFT, it’s also important to consider the storage problem. On centralized servers, NFT assets are vulnerable to technological problems. You should keep them on the blockchain or systems like Arweave and IPFS as an alternative.

Cost to create NFT on OpenSea

Creating an NFT on Opensea requires that all first-time sellers pay two fees before their first sale. These costs aren’t set in stone; if you know how you can manage them. What if that is the key?

Well, these gas fees involve blockchain transactions on Ethereum. It requires some processing power to produce them as a result. Paying gas fees means making up for that energy. The cost may be greater or lower depending on the current price of petrol.

Naturally, you want to set up your account on days when petrol prices are lower in order to save money and pay the fee when it is least expensive. Fortunately, you can monitor gas costs on a website called Gas Now. The days where the number drops below 100 are the optimum days to pay the fees.

On OpenSea, fees are paid in Ether. This implies that the price varies in accordance with the cryptocurrency’s relative value to your currency at any given time.

You must furthermore pay OpenSea 2.5% of the NFT price when it sells on top of the two costs for the initial transaction.

Keep in mind that OpenSea doesn’t charge money to manufacture NFTs after the initial transaction.

NFTs can be purchased using a number of different payment tokens. The platform suggests the following cryptocurrencies: Ethereum, WETH, DAI, and USDC (cryptocoin that stands for US Dollar Coin, not to be confused with US dollar).

How to make an NFT offer on Opensea

You will have to wait until potential buyers accept or reject your offer if you make one. If you find yourself having to withdraw your bid, you will be required to pay a gas fee. However, if you select Buy Now, the transaction will take place right away following your digital signature, and the asset will often be sent to your wallet within a few minutes.

How to Create an NFT on OpenSea 11

Want to make sure you actually received your NFT after buying? Simply select the OpenSea menu, then select Account, Profile, and confirm that the Collected option is selected. All of the NFTs that you have accumulated on your unique wallet address can be found here. You may use Etherscan to search the Ethereum blockchain for addresses, transactions, tokens, prices, and other information.

Pros of OpenSea

  1. It is beginner-friendly.
  2. The platform supports up to 150 payment options.
  3. OpenSea features NFTs from multiple blockchains.
  4. It is home to a vast range of NFT collections and projects.
  5. It is possible to initiate gasless minting on OpenSea.

Cons of OpenSea

  1. It is not very reliable in terms of security.
  2. The royalty fee is fixed at 10%.
  3. OpenSea does not run a decentralized governance system

Final thoughts

Opensea is one of the NFT marketplaces for buying and selling digital items, including in-game items and crypto collectibles in the blockchain space. Creating an NFT on OpenSea is a good way to get your products or services in front of a new audience.


What is an NFT?

An NFT is a digital asset that can be used to represent anything of value, such as in-game items, crypto collectibles, and more

What types of NFTs can I create on OpenSea?

OpenSea currently supports two types of NFTs: ERC-721 and ERC-1155.

How much do I pay to create NFTs on OpenSea?

It’s free to create an NFT on Opensea!

What are the benefits of creating an NFT on OpenSea?

There are many benefits of creating an NFT on Opensea, such as getting your products or services in front of a new audience, increasing exposure for your brand, and more.

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