How Sheesha Finance Is Making Portfolio Diversification Simple

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When it comes to crypto, most people like to hedge their bets solely on one or two top twenty crypto assets as a means of maximising returns. Sure, this strategy can work for some, but realistically, the majority won’t see the immense results they’re anticipating. Then you have people on the other end of the spectrum, buying into every possible crypto, with a lack of thorough research and exposing themselves to the risks of rug pulls and other elaborate schemes just because a ‘10x’ was promised.

But what if there was a way to change this?

Fortunately for investors, there is – and Sheesha Finance is carrying the torch.

What is Sheesha Finance?

Sheesha Finance is a venture capital investor and incubator that strives to elevate and invest in projects across their lifecycle, from inception, through their developmental stages and on to mainstream success. Combining premium cryptocurrency diversification opportunities and the incentivisation of all investors, regardless of their investment size, Sheesha Finance empowers users as they embark on DeFi investing.

Through the provision of staking tools, we allow users to earn with their $SHEESHA tokens. By staking these tokens, users can tap into a pool of daily rewards. With the support of our community of projects, users are also able to access a premium diversified portfolio and tap into token distributions across multiple chains, including Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain and very soon, Algorand.

However, you may be wondering where this incentivisation comes from – in essence, the rewards provided to users are from our underlying portfolio.

By welcoming upcoming projects to the Sheesha Finance sphere, users are able to access early stage investing and token distributions. Typically, investors aren’t privy to early-stage projects, with only a small minority who are reaping the fruits of the project’s success or having waited on whitelists. However, through the provision of early access and emerging projects, we enable users to discover the most promising projects, witness their growth, and maximise their investment.

With a dedication to upholding an ethos of transparency and maintaining the integrity of DeFi, Sheesha Finance is presenting an accessible and secure way of diversifying your portfolio. Our multichain platform is unlike any other, as no minimum investment or sneaky fees are required to get started, so you can access portfolio diversification with ease. However, there are various aspects involved within the Sheesha Finance ecosystem which have allowed us to foster a mutually beneficial system for all.

Sheesha Foundry

Paired with the incubation subsidiary, Sheesha Foundry, Sheesha Finance is able to actively seek out and onboard the hottest projects from across all areas of blockchain. By providing incubation opportunities to projects from across different verticals, Sheesha Foundry assists start-up projects within their industry sector with strong support and backing.

With an incubation branch already under our belt, we warmly welcome other incubation hubs to join our sphere. Working in tandem with one another, our incubation partners empower start-up projects with on-hand guidance, resources, and tools.

Venture Capital

Here at Sheesha Finance, we have expertise within the world of venture capital. Having a strongly interconnected network of VCs and investors, with comprehensive experience from both traditional and crypto markets that span the globe, Sheesha Finance can interact with VC opportunities on an international scale. This in turn empowers us to offer sustainable and long-term investment growth solutions to our community, from projects to our users. 


As with any new project, advisory support can go a long way in maintaining strong business practices and sustainable growth. We have experts across every vertical of blockchain technology and traditional business alike, including gaming, public relations, marketing, and technical roles from across the crypto industry. Here Sheesha Finance, we strive to provide accessible and on hand strategic advice to projects throughout every stage of development.

Strategic Partnerships

Within our ecosystem, we strive to offer our partner projects a full suite of tools and resources to prompt their success. This has led us to partner with some of the top VCs, deal flow firms, and marketing agencies from across the globe, each with a different specialist focus area. Each of our strategic partnerships offers a diverse range of resources and tools to our partners so they can maximise their success. Our strategic partners provide support to our projects through the provision of resources and support, i.e., web designing, smart contract auditing, marketing agency, public relation companies, Launchpads, DEXs, CEXs, and market makers

Channeling fresh capital into the ecosystem, are our long-established partners – UpLift DAO – supplementing community-based and venture capital funding, launchpad services, auditing, and market-making solutions, thus empowering the projects and protocols building within the ecosystem with a variety of viable go-to-market solutions and solid financial backing from top-tier VCs.

Partner Projects

With a global interconnected network of teams and high-profile individuals, here at Sheesha Finance we are able to locate the most promising projects from across all areas of blockchain technology, with a diverse portfolio spanning GameFi, Metaverse, NFT, DeFi, infrastructure projects and more.

What Type of Projects Are in the Ecosystem?

When it comes to investing, many are inclined to invest in ‘the flavour of the month’ tokens, especially if they’ve demonstrated strong buying power and price action in recent time. Yet, many long-term investors tend to opt for more utility-driven tokens, particularly as they promise development and usability in the future. Combining the two, we allow users to access a diversified range of tokens that have a high valuation and promising utility.

Yet, instead of limiting our offerings to simply NFT projects or payment systems and so forth, we cater to projects across all areas of blockchain technology.


We understand how important it is to develop a robust and foolproof infrastructure for any upcoming project – particularly to ensure sustainable growth and longevity within the wider market. This in turn prompts real-world application of our partner projects’ technology. Partner project such as Authentium dedicate themselves to a decentralized food supply chain model with a DAO giving the community say in how the project best reaches its goals.


The mainstream focus has quickly become fixated on the concept of the metaverse, especially as the likes of Meta (formerly Facebook) have attempted to dominate the space. However, blockchain-focused metaverses are quickly becoming a hot topic, with several projects pioneering in developing the infrastructure for future metaverses. The metaverse is unlocking the potential for a new age of communication and work to emerge into the mainstream. Projects such as metaENGINE and Metafluence are carrying the torch and prompting change within metaverse development.


Decentralised finance (or DeFi) is an ecosystem that has erupted in the form of blockchain and cryptocurrency, thus unleashing unlimited potential across the space. Whether it be decentralised exchanges, trading platforms, projects, protocols, or anything DeFi – here at Sheesha Finance we seek to accelerate the growth and development of DeFi projects from across blockchain. Projects such as Zignaly and DeFire enable users to tap into the world of DeFi through trading capabilities and strategies to better their portfolio.


NFTs have been all the rage since early 2021 when owning digital 8-bit creations hit a fever pitch with features in traditional media outlets. NFTs have since rapidly developed to accommodate songs, three-dimensional digital creations, art, videos, and pretty much anything you can imagine as a digital asset. Lumiiis is an NFT project that has a  treasure trove of cartoons and children’s activities offering a unique use case.  Another promising project is Digital Arms and their partnership with manufacturers to access IP rights and produce exact digital replicas of firearms in the form of NFTs.


GameFi has undeniably soared in popularity in recent months, with the likes of Axie Infinity and similar competitors introducing gamers to a world of play-to-earn opportunities. Moving away from pixel art, the GameFi industry has developed into an ecosystem brimming with high-quality graphics, and immersive storylines, and is quickly becoming one of the most impactful modes of gaming. Fostering the growth of this ecosystem, we’ve onboarded the likes of Solar Heroes and DeFi11, and are always on the lookout for more young projects looking to diversify the future of gaming. Both of the above seek to exacerbate the growth of the GameFi industry and provide users and developers with an extensive range of gaming opportunities.

Is there More?

You may be thinking: ‘That’s a lot of areas to cover!’; yet this is only a fraction of all the blossoming projects we’ve taken under our wing and are introducing to the masses. Whether it be neighbourhood food sharing dApps like PieMe, or interactive digital concerts via the Animal Concerts platform – there is truly something for everyone in the world of Sheesha Finance.

Why Should I Stake with Sheesha?

Whether you’re a DeFi trading expert or just entering the space, diversifying your portfolio with upcoming projects and great utility is often the priority. But if searching for projects and navigating a landscape of murky intentions, unclear utility, and an endless amount of choice isn’t for you – then we’re here to simplify this for you.

All you have to do is stake your $SHEESHA tokens using the Sheesha Finance dashboard to secure your place at the receiving end of rewards and access to the hottest seed sales in the industry.  We also have a budgening community where we have frequent airdrops, competitions, AMA’s and updates about all thing Sheesha Finance.  Join the discussion on Twitter, Telegram and Linked In. Interested? Take a look at our homepage for more information.

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