How SamePay Finally Makes Sending Cryptos Easy for Everyone


If you’ve been looking for a way to trade cryptocurrencies or use them to buy something but have been put off by how complicated the process is, then SamePay might be for you. It’s a revolutionary new crypto app that makes it easy for everyone to understand—paving the way for mass adoption of crypto for regular payments and normal items.

Simple wallet addresses

If this sounds like you, you might be a lot like Terry. Terry always liked the sound of crypto, but every time he tried to buy some he found everything far too complicated. Even just setting up a wallet address put him off. He had a few different wallets because every time he got interested in crypto again, he forgot his old one. Thankfully, he didn’t really have much crypto in his lost wallets, just a few XRP. It wasn’t like one of those million-dollar mistakes where someone lost hundreds of Bitcoin.

Still, Terry was frustrated. He wanted a payment system that was easy to use, and easy to remember. SamePay is the easiest way to buy and exchange crypto at the touch of a button. It’s something Terry can understand, so it should be something you can too.

SamePay eradicates the need for long wallet addresses. So no more forgetting your info and losing your crypto holdings. All you have to do is enter someone’s SameID to send a payment. This eradicates another issue with sending crypto: remembering someone else’s wallet, or making one tiny typo and sending it to the wrong person.

Most crypto wallets have complicated addresses. And making a mistake when entering someone’s address could cost you a fortune. This actually slows down the whole process when it comes to sending crypto—even if you do type the right address, it’ll take you a while. And you’ll be double and triple checking to make sure you didn’t make a costly mistake. This kind of defeats the point of digital currencies—quick and easy payments.

But not with SamePay. All you have to do is enter the SameID of the recipient to send a payment.

Unbeatable fees

Not only that, but transactions on SamePay have some of the lowest fees around. Especially when compared to most of the major competitors. By holding the associated utility token, Samecoin—users of the SamePay app can also enjoy even further reductions on fees, making it both the cheapest and easiest way to send crypto.

And because Samecoin also has a range of stablecoins like SameUSD, people like you and Terry can also happily spend their cryptocurrencies on normal items like a new lawnmower without having to worry about major fluctuations. Samecoin helps to revolutionalize the crypto industry by providing real digital currencies that are perfect for everyday use rather than treated like investment assets. When used in conjunction with SamePay, you can get reduced fees, quick and easy payments, and a system you can understand. Paving the way for the future of crypto as real currency that people use every day.

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