How inflation is pushing the Fed’s buttons


  • U.S. faces unexpected inflation rise, challenging its control over it.
  • University of Michigan’s survey reveals a year-ahead inflation outlook of 3.1%, the lowest since March 2021.
  • Consumer behavior aligns with inflation expectations, potentially influencing market outcomes.

A recent uptick in inflation, challenging the U.S.’s supposed grip over it, is certainly causing some sleepless nights for economists and policymakers alike. As the current trend hovers above expected numbers, questions arise: How will the Federal Reserve respond, and what are consumers genuinely feeling about this economic turbulence?

Public Perception vs. Hard Data

Dive into the recent survey results from the University of Michigan, and you’ll spot a notable trend. Their preliminary data from September revealed that the year-ahead inflation outlook stood at a mere 3.1%. Now, for context, that’s the lowest since the pre-pandemic days of March 2021. Dig a little deeper, and the five-year outlook is even more revealing at 2.7%, dancing close to the Federal Reserve’s golden 2% goal.

But let’s not paint too rosy a picture. While the University’s data hints at a potential stabilization, it’s essential to juxtapose this against the backdrop of rising consumer prices. Joanne Hsu, a pivotal figure at the University of Michigan’s Surveys of Consumers, suggests a need to recognize that public behavior aligns closely with these expectations. Their sentiments, their trust (or lack thereof) in the economic horizon, play a significant role in the market’s unfolding reality. In layman terms? If consumers expect prices to spike, they might unintentionally fuel that very increase through their behavior.

The Federal Reserve’s Balancing Act

It’s no newsflash that inflation expectations are a linchpin in the Federal Reserve’s decision-making maze. Policymakers often treat it as gospel, as they strive to hit their dual goals of maximal employment and price stability. But even with the public’s slightly positive outlook, the harsh reality remains: their inflation perception is still a notch above the Federal Reserve’s target.

Jerome Powell, the Federal Reserve Chair, has been anything but shy in acknowledging this gap. At a recent retreat in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Powell underlined the challenge at hand. While there’s been a slight dip in inflation, he stressed the need to reign it in further. The subtext? The Federal Reserve is all set to push the lever and hike interest rates if needed. They’re ready to adopt a more restrictive stance until there’s tangible proof that inflation is obediently trotting back to their desired benchmark.

Yet, the financial markets, always a bundle of nerves, are holding their collective breath. The looming question is whether inflation is genuinely on a downward trajectory. Barry Glassman, the brains behind Glassman Wealth Services, shed light on this anxiety, questioning the excessive confidence in the market’s ability to handle the inflation conundrum. He argues that this optimistic outlook might already be a part of the current market prices, and that could be a cause for concern.

As the U.S. wrestles with the inflation demon, the stage is set for some crucial economic moves. The Federal Reserve, equipped with data, public sentiment, and their overarching objectives, has their work cut out. On the one hand, there’s the public’s somewhat sanguine outlook, but on the other, the specter of rising prices refuses to fade away.

Will the Fed’s potential interventions bring relief or add to the prevailing uncertainty? Only time will tell. But one thing’s clear: inflation, once merely a term in economic textbooks, has now turned into a formidable player in this grand financial theater. The Federal Reserve, policymakers, consumers, and financial markets are all keen participants, awaiting the next act in this gripping saga.

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