How ethbox Could be the Future of OTC Trading

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You’ve probably already seen how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have become. While investors flock to them because of huge price gains in recent months—more and more people are actually using them for everyday transactions. Cryptocurrencies like ETH are hugely popular—not only have they seen massive price gains, but they can also be spent in more and more places.

Sending ETH for online transactions is especially useful. It presents a number of key benefits when compared to traditional fiat currencies. And transactions can be much cheaper, especially for a large volume. Along with being more widely-accepted in the real world, more and more people are choosing to trade ETH for potential future gains.

Many people who are new to crypto think that centralized exchanges are the best way to make trades or even store large crypto holdings. This simply isn’t the case. 2021 could be the year where Over-The-Counter trading and decentralized transactions really skyrocket.

While decentralized transactions are a much easier way to trade cryptocurrencies without having to rely on exchanges or KYC verified accounts—security still needs to be a priority.

With ethbox, you get all the security you need to make sure all your transactions are protected to the highest level.

The benefits of decentralized transactions

Decentralized OTC and P2P trades are as popular as ever right now. With a decentralized transaction, users get to maintain full control of their funds by operating critical functions on the blockchain themselves, rather than having to rely on a 3rd party platform.

Not only do exchanges come with higher fees—but they aren’t as secure as you might think. Exchanges have also suffered security breaches and lengthy server downtime. In one famous case, Mt Gox completely disappeared with everyone’s funds. While exchanges like Binance are now a lot more secure and highly unlikely to go the same way, they still don’t offer all the benefits of using P2P or OTC transactions.

How ethbox secures your OTC transactions

With ethbox, you get all the security features you need to send coins over-the-counter or via P2P.

ethbox acts as an escrow at both ends of the transaction and is backed by a well-audited smart contract. This helps save people from scams, hacks and other malicious attacks.

ethbox is a reliable community platform that can look after your funds and maintain the utmost levels of security throughout any transaction process. 

Funds can be sent and requested in a single transaction and only fulfilled when both parties have put in the correct amount. The sender makes one transaction where he sends the funds and initiates a request. Then the receiver makes a transaction to fullfill the request. This executes the smart contract function. 

ethbox provides an extremely safe and reliable environment for OTC trading. The system is immune to any form of scam and is safeguarded by the ethbox smart contract.

Additional benefits of ethbox

While the fees for trading with ethbox are low already, there’s another key benefit. Backed by its own token—$EBOX, ethbox allows token holders to pay even lower fees. It also shares out a percentage of the fees from all other users to $EBOX holders—allowing you to both save money and earn a passive income while using the system.

That’s why more and more people are preferring to hold $EBOX, and also using ethbox for their OTC trading requirements.

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