How Did The Aurix Ecosystem Originate?

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Aurix CEO Majed Mohsen formed Aurix Chain in 2016, intending to eliminate existing problems with the blockchain system that is being followed. As a result of huge traffic and massive amounts of vulnerabilities, the sluggish network was not acceptable. People were skeptical of crypto due to various exchanges taking off with their money or getting hacked.

Majed Mohsen took the leadership of the crypto revolution and brought about the mass adoption of crypto, not only as an asset but as a payment gateway. He wants businesses, merchants, vendors, and customers to start using crypto instead of fiat currency.

Aurix brings all the solutions into one Ecosystem

The Aurix Chain will bring about all the solutions to a users’ problem under one roof. Aurix chain powers up the entire system to support Aurix’s trading platform with other Decentralized Finance products and services. The Aurix Chain is responsible for making the whole platform resilient, transparent, and error-proof. 

The Aurix Chain has plenty of other advantages too:

  • Safe Trading: The security that is integrated with Aurix is one of the best and world-class. It complies with the protocols of the PCI DSS and protects the customers from DDoS attacks. Aurix Chain is built with excellent efficiency, and it works with no external involvement.
  • Low Transaction Fee: The fees charged for each transaction are too low and, when combined with the advantages of the Aurix token, one can say that it will be pretty convenient to use Aurix Chain since it won’t cause any damage to your pocket.
  • Cashback: Aurix Chain guarantees DeFi cashback to all the users that use its platform. Around 9% cashback will be provided as crypto, which is an enormous opportunity for the Chain users. Majeh Mohsen’s Aurix is the first and the only company to provide DeFi cashback. It is a fact that, even if Aurix is no longer functioning, the Aurix Chain will ensure that everyone receives cashback.

What is the Aurix Ecosystem made of?

The Aurix Chain is responsible for the functioning of the Aurix Ecosystem. Aurix Chain guarantees the DeFi cashback system and also validates the transactions that are featured on the platform. Aurix Chain works on the concept of blockchain but is much faster and efficient. It runs the entire Ecosystem, which comprises:

  1. Aurix Mastercard/Visa: Aurix provides Mastercard/Visa. And if the user uses this card to pay a vendor, merchant, or service provider, the user will get an instant cashback of 9%.
  2. Aurix Exchange: Aurix Exchange is the platform where crypto traders can buy and sell their liquid trade pairs that Aurix provides at great speed. The assets can be converted to cash whenever needed. 
  3. Aurix Chain: The heart of Aurix Ecosystem that will continue to work even if the system collapses. It ensures that cashback keeps rolling.
  4. Aurix Plug-ins: These are the softwares applications and mobile apps used on either mobiles or laptops. With a responsive design and easy accessibility, these plug-ins are secure enough to cause a massive and swift change in the crypto industry. The build is highly reliable.


The Aurix Ecosystem has all the benefits to fast-track crypto adoption all over the world. The Aurix Token is another huge aspect of the Ecosystem that the Aurix Chain also controls. The Aurix Token can provide:

  • Additional cashback
  • Greater the rewards

Aurix Chain ensures the rewards and at the end of the day, the entire Ecosystem is built to last, i.e., even if Aurix ceases to exist, the whole blockchain will keep on working to provide services to its users.

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