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Interest has steadily grown in the healthcare online management systems, especially as private corporations, government institutions, and multidisciplinary teams work hand-in-hand to provide health care services now more than ever before. This multi-pronged approach to health care provision involves numerous applications exchanging streams of data in multiple directions. Patientory provides practical solutions that benefit health organizations, workers, and consumers.  

Patientory leveraged the distributed nature of blockchain technology to successfully create a dApp on the PTOYMatrix blockchain network. The PTOYMatrix blockchain network serves as a ledger that powers health information exchange and storage systems for healthcare providers and users. 

What is PTOY?

PTOY is a utility token that exclusively fuels the PTOYMatrix blockchain network. Both PTOY and PTOYMatrix make up the Patientory platform which goes by the same name as the Dapp.  Its utility in securing patient’s health data makes PTOY a welcome addition to the crypto market. The primary use cases of PTOY tokens are as follows:

  • Adjusting the allocation of the network storage
  • Quality assurance for healthcare providers
  • Payment cycles for health organizations earnings  

PTOY Token Utility to Patients

Patientory allows users to store their health data at no cost, allocating 10 MB storage space to each user. Users can also get additional storage space from hospital nodes for small fees with PTOY tokens. 

When interacting with health-related smart contracts, the user may use PTOY tokens for transactions and payments. Moreover, users can pay health providers additional PTOY tokens as an incentive for quality care.

PTOY holders can also participate in limited access exercises, such as spots in clinical trials when they become available.  

PTOY Token Utility to Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations can opt-in to host the PTOYMatrix blockchain network and receive PTOY tokens as compensation. For example, when large organizations rent storage space to small healthcare providers, they receive payment in PTOY.  Healthcare providers may also use PTOY when executing smart contracts with other entities like insurance and pharmaceutical companies. 

The PTOYMatrix network provides a remunerative model that incentivizes healthcare providers that deliver quality health and wellness services. This incentivized model motivates healthcare providers to deliver better outcomes without extra financial strain on the patient.   

Other Use Cases of PTOY Token

Patientory allows users to donate PTOY tokens directly to non-profit healthcare organizations. 

Recently, Patientory signed a partnership with the Task Force for Global Health (TFGH), a non-profit organization working to achieve global health equality. Users can donate PTOY tokens from May 1, 2021, to March 1, 2022, on the Patientory app. 

How to Buy PTOY

PTOY tokens are available on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Uniswap and Bittrex. Users may store PTOY tokens on an offline or online Ethereum wallet like MetaMask or Ledger Nano X.

The value of one PTOY token is directly proportional to the volume of buy and sell orders. Therefore, as the demand for the tokens increases, their value will also increase. The price of PTOY was 0.01980452 USD on July 7, 2021, which was a massive 107.0% increase over 365 days. At present, there are 84,237,014 PTOY tokens in circulation. PTOY token has a limited supply of 100 million. Hence, as adoption and demand increase, the price of the token is bound to follow suit.


In the pursuit of an accessible, affordable, inclusive, and holistic healthcare system, Patientory has created PTOY, a healthcare crypto-token. These tokens will facilitate decentralized healthcare transactions and the safety of electronic medical records while offering a deflationary token that motivates every stakeholder to commit to developing the global healthcare system.

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