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• The HaruInvest platform divides its functions into three crypto management extensions.
• Crypto investors can use Bitcoin, Ether, and USDT for automatic payments.

Automatic payments are here to stay, and now they seem to evolve with the new financial market. This instant payment system has made financial operations easier for many companies since it allows them to pay services or debits from their bank accounts at the exact moment.

However, automatic payments had only dabbled in fiat currencies but are now attempting to enter the cryptocurrency market. The HaruInvest system will promote this new automatic payment scheme, bringing significant changes to the crypto market.

HaruInvest protocol for automatic cryptocurreny payments


HaruInvest will be nothing more than a platform that will cover cryptocurrency investments automatically. This application will allow decentralized currency enthusiasts to make deposits and withdraw investments on time to generate passive profits.

So far, HaruInvest will only work with tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, while its only stablecoin will be USDT. The platform has its official website and a mobile application available for Android and IOS.

The application is divided into three trading software, HaruEarnExplore, HaruEarn, and HaruEarnPlus. For example, HaruEarnExplore allows the platform to be attentive to movements in the cryptocurrency market. With this extension, investors will benefit from the trading techniques that cryptocurrency experts have applied for a long time.

The initial investment value in HaruInvest is 10 dollars, which is a low sum compared to other trading services. Every month the platform will evaluate the investment performance for the investor to see their progress. HaruEarnExplore is controlled by a whole group of experts who lend their knowledge to the crypto app.

Cryptocurrency arbitrage app gains fame

It’s no surprise that HaruInvest is one of the best cryptocurrency arbitrage apps available today. The platform offers you an easy investment with HaruEarnExplore and gives you a second extension that focuses more on crypto trading.

With HaruEarn, the investor will have all the tools to enter the cryptocurrency market without risks and exit with profits. Users can use the extension by investing their BTC, ETH, or, failing that, USDT, which will then be exchanged for a decentralized currency. The managers at HaruEarn will apply their trading techniques to double the investor’s money or at least a part of it.

Finally, the platform offers its HaruEarnPlus system that serves the investor to withdraw all his profits. In this extension, the fee for the service is also applied, which varies depending on the initial investment.

With HaruEarnPlus, the investor can decide whether to withdraw his money or reinvest it to double it quickly. Within weeks of launch, HaruInvest has represented one of the most profitable cryptocurrency management solutions.

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