GTA 6 to give in-game Bitcoin crypto rewards instead of money


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• GTA 6 will be released in 2023 and may bring news about in-game Bitcoin.
• In-game crypto can be awarded as a gangster reward.

News has leaked recently that the new version of Grand Theft Auto will include a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin. The GTA game franchise has been trending for over a decade, and this time around, the sixth edition of the franchise is about to be released.

This new game will include an in-game “Bitcoin” for users to buy virtual cash whenever they like. The source for this news was Tom Henderson, who usually reveals details of video games to be released.

At the beginning of the month, Henderson said that GTA 6 would come with the option of in-game Bitcoin rewards in each mission. However, the cryptocurrency can be used only within the game and will not be exchanged for real cash.

Henderson believes that if the action video game incorporates this option, the value of Bitcoin may skyrocket. Rockstar, the parent company for GTA 6 has not commented on it.

Will GTA 6 boost cryptocurrencies?

in-game Bitcoin

There is no official announcement about in-game Bitcoin, even though the franchise has not shown the next game’s title. Rockstar knows how to keep secrets and may surprise fans at its launch. The GTA game series is very popular worldwide; it stands out for its complex missions, unique characters, atmosphere, etc.

According to what Henderson indicates, these cryptocurrency payments will come from professional gangsters in the game. The game can focus on anonymous payments to launder money using virtual currencies as an access bridge. The in-game “Bitcoin” may not have that name, but it will be very similar for the user to associate with it.

In-game Bitcoin and the real world

Although cryptocurrencies are used for different purposes, it is well known that they also serve illicit businesses in the world. In-game Bitcoin can convey the reality of the crypto market and show the player how important it is.

However, the video game company would not be adapting to end BTC but to strengthen it. Rockstar’s endorsement of cryptocurrencies may improve its current value and fame as more investors will join. Players, motivated by the game, will want to buy Bitcoin for their value, profit, and anonymous transactions.

Henderson only has rumors of GTA 6 that, in the coming months, can be confirmed or denied by Rockstar. What is known is that the game could be released in 2023 for PC, Xbox, and PS5 if the pandemic does not delay it.

Cryptocurrencies have crossed another limit in their popularity as it seems they could make it to high-profile games like GTA. The games that focus on the most relevant cryptocurrencies are Decentraland, Ethermon, Blockchain Cuties, and Spells of Genesis.

Each of these video games allows the user to trade with the digital currency seamlessly. GTA 6 may join this trend that could make cryptocurrencies more popular by the time of its launch.

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Carisbel Guaramato

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