Greenidge miners threaten to sue activists over ‘false’ claims


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TL;DR Breakdown

  • Greenidge Generation LLC is threatening to sue two activists for slander.
  • The activists feel that Bitcoin mining interferes with the ecosystem.

Greenidge Generation LLC, a Bitcoin mining company, has threatened to sue local activists for “slander.” The company mines Bitcoin at its gas-fired power plant near Seneca Lake in Dresden, NY. However, the anti-mining activists have been fighting with the mining company for years. They claim that their practices destroy local habitats and wildlife.

Two activists Yvonne Taylor and Abi Buddington, are accusing the Greenidge CEO Dale Irwin of sending them “intimidating” letters. They claim this is a rejoinder to their common pushback against him. They shared the letter to the public, citing to seek “all legal solutions possible.”

Taylor’s petition irked Greenidge LLC

Taylor has been a vocal opponent of the organization since it began operations in the region. Thus, she shares her concerns about their environmental effects with everyone. Her group recently petitioned for signatures from residents opposing this new development. If they succeed, it could have huge impacts.

Taylor went for an interview on Spectrum News 1’s Capital Tonight on Oct. 27. While there, she discussed the legal threats that interfere with her life and career.

Greenidge has been an intimidating presence for many months. They have hinted to sue anyone who comes on their way.

The recent threats have been so distressing, and Taylor is having concerns for her safety.

I have reservations for my family’s security. As a citizen, I have a constitutional obligation to exercise my rights. So, that means I must exercise it now more than ever!

Yvonne Taylor, NY antimining activist

Greenidge is in line with policies and laws

But, Greenidge clarified that their company’s actions are not an effort to silence anyone. Or prevent citizens from sharing what they believe.” The company agents also pointed out the fact they have always had an inclusive approach towards such issues.

“We sent several appeals seeking to stop misleading public sentiments about the company, but sadly, it seems like they don’t care. Yet, this is not the only time, in fact, we understand it might not be the last time. Because of that, we chose to take some legal measures.”

The company counters the claims of its opponents by giving ample evidence that is in line with policies and laws.

Generally, mining has become a big deal, and many people are trying their hand at it. Some have even dipped into the cryptocurrency world! The likes of Fidelity Investments are now getting involved with Bitcoin proving how serious this growing industry can be.

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