Green Address rebrands itself to Blockstream Green with new features

When considering the most reliable mobile wallets, GreenAddress has always found a place among the top favorites. When the Android market is flooded with wallet applications, users can download privacy-focused alternatives such as Samurai, whereas GreenAddress is still the top pick for iPhones.

The cypherpunk company that presented the Liquid sidechain, Simplicity and Bitcoin satellite declared that they would make modifications and rebrand their famous mobile wallet, on March 19.

They have redesigned the application from top to toe, and it is now available as Blockstream Green on the Android and iOS devices. One of the new features that have been added to it includes two-factor identification for better security.

Android versions of this app offer more features, but iOS is expected to develop all the new features soon, to provide the users with a richer experience. The updated version of the app additionally provides hardware support and is expected to influence multi-platform usage, enabling a smooth transition from one device to another.

Moreover, it is expected to make the process of wallet recovery safer yet easier, as it will not be based on the user email address. GitHub repository makes the development kit and source code of this app available to the public, so that they can share reviews and make improvements.

This comes as a piece of good news for Bitcoin enthusiasts who wish to perform transactions via mobile devices, adding an extra benefit for iPhone users who have a limited choice of mobile wallet apps. If, however, Blockstream Green wishes to stay in the competition with the best mobile wallets for a Bitcoin investor, it must adopt the use of CoinJoin to improve its fungibility.

This rebranding of GreenAddress looks promising and provides a crucial update for better user experience, but there is always room for further improvements.