Investment giant Grayscale reassesses crypto portfolio, bids farewell to MATIC, and welcomes XRP

Investment Giant Grayscale Reassesses Crypto Portfolio, Bids Farewell to MATIC and Welcomes XRPInvestment Giant Grayscale Reassesses Crypto Portfolio, Bids Farewell to MATIC and Welcomes XRP

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  • Grayscale Investments removes Polygon (MATIC) from its Digital Large Cap Fund (GDLC) during its recent portfolio rebalancing.
  • The fund reintroduces XRP, leading to speculation about a possible XRP-focused Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF).

 Grayscale Investments, the world’s largest digital currency asset manager, announced key changes to its Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund (GDLC). The most notable adjustments include the removal of Polygon (MATIC) from its portfolio and reintroducing XRP, raising speculations about a potential XRP ETF.

MATIC’s departure: A strategic rebalance

Grayscale’s recent portfolio rebalancing reflects a strategic move aligning with the CoinDesk Large Cap Select Index methodology. The decision to exclude MATIC from the GDLC was part of a broader adjustment process. As of January 4, 2024, the fund’s components prominently feature Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), with smaller allocations to other significant cryptocurrencies like Solana (SOL), Cardano (ADA), and newly added Avalanche (AVAX). This rebalancing is a routine part of Grayscale’s investment strategy, aimed at optimizing the performance and risk profile of its funds. The GDLC portfolio now heavily leans towards Bitcoin, with a 69.15% weightage, followed by Ethereum at 21.90%. XRP now represents 2.54% of the GDLC Fund’s market cap, valued at $378.4 million.

XRP’s comeback: Fueling ETF speculations

The reintroduction of XRP into the GDLC is a notable development, especially considering its turbulent past with regulatory challenges. In 2020, the SEC’s action against XRP promoters led to a significant drop in its market capitalization and delisting from major trading platforms. However, following a court decision favoring XRP in 2023, it regained its position in the market and met the inclusion criteria of the DLCS Index. Major U.S. exchanges like Coinbase and Kraken have relisted XRP, aligning with the changing legal landscape.

This move by Grayscale has reignited conversations in the investment community about the possibility of an XRP-focused Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF), providing investors with a regulated vehicle for cryptocurrency exposure.

Grayscale’s decision to remove MATIC and reintroduce XRP marks a strategic shift in its investment approach, reflecting the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market. The removal of MATIC doesn’t necessarily reflect on the asset’s individual performance or potential but rather on the evolving composition of the broader market. Conversely, XRP’s reinstatement is a sign of its resilience and renewed investor confidence despite its legal challenges in the past.


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