Will Google’s quantum supremacy prove dangerous for ?


Google’s quantum supremacy has enlightened researchers around the globe and opened dark doors for cryptography enthusiasts.

A researcher happens to let loose a couple of papers and things started to get out of hands from there. According to Financial Times, a leaked document by Google’s researcher talks about Google achieving ‘quantum supremacy’ with the quantum computers being fully functional and able to outperform the most powerful of the conventional computers, dubbed the Summit.

Google’s quantum supremacy

The put it mildly, the Summit would require ten thousand years (10,000) to compute one of the more complex calculations while Google’s quantum tech can do it in three (3) minutes and twenty (20) seconds.

The research paper was posted earlier this week on NASA’s website before being removed. Here they claimed the quantum computer to be faster than the conventional models. It just so seems that the legends have been turned to reality and this could very well prove fatal for the crypto industry.

Quantum computers are extremely powerful and yes, that is frightening for the cryptocurrency as it renders the cryptographic masking useless by making all possible assumptions in a shorter amount of time, say, something in the line of three minutes (3) and twenty (20) seconds.

To curb the dangers that quantum computing poses to cryptography, the National Security Agency (NSA) is takings precautionary steps.

Google’s quantum supremacy is being debated by the cryptocurrency subreddit which has been filled with theorists trying to prove their point regarding the potential use cases of quantum computing and how blockchain can benefit from this advancement and while the theories are very amusing, the limit to which the current quantum tech is bound prompts us to ask as to when will quantum computing render cryptography meaningless.

A loophole in the system

Google researchers say that it’s still too early for these machines to load up multiple problems at a time indicating that one highly sophisticated problem at a time can hardly be considered feasible, but the Google researchers are adamant that the technological growth in this sector will be much faster.

The adviser on quantum technologies in the UK government is quite happy with the advancement and says that it’s about time that quantum computers have been able to outperform traditional machines.

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