Google is increasing cryptocurrency visibility in the search engine

Google, the multinational tech-giant based in America that founded the worlds greatest and highly used search engine, running more than three and a half billion searches every single day, is slowly and gradually releasing more crypto features to its variety of tools.

Google search, that dominates the world wide web, has been observed to show increasingly more results for crypto assets when users are searching for a particular type of coin, exposing them to more of this technology.

For example, when a user searches for XRP, the results show a bar underneath the search word and over the current stories. Every graphics card on this bar shows search terms relevant to XRP, inclusive of Bitcoin, Ripple, IOTA, and Dogecoin, etc.

Apparently, this new interface is in its test stage as recent searches regarding XRP, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin, etc. display a regular page instead of the crypto search bar.

Integration of the cryptocurrency conversion extension has already taken place and supports most of the major cryptocurrency exchanges.

The acceptance and trending of cryptocurrency technology and digital assets are also reflected by enabling the iconic BTC symbol on the iOS keypad, making this currency more mainstream. Moreover, Google has been seen to combine large amounts of information and algorithms related to the crypto giants, publicizing this data to users.

This data can aid in making important business decisions and increasing transparency. For Ethereum, this data may be utilized for synchronizing the ETH blockchain to systems running Parity and carry out everyday extraction of information from the ETH blockchain.