Global Efforts Intensify for Ethical AI Governance: A Roadmap to Safe and Fair AI Development


  • Global efforts are underway to create ethical rules for AI, driven by concerns about fairness and safety.
  • Countries like the US and EU are already taking steps to regulate AI, with a focus on risk and transparency.
  • Key principles for AI governance include promoting innovation, safety, privacy, international cooperation, and India’s role as a tech leader.

In a rapidly evolving landscape, global efforts to establish a comprehensive framework for the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are gaining momentum. Governments, organizations, and stakeholders around the world are recognizing the critical need to ensure AI technologies are developed and deployed in a manner that prioritizes safety, fairness, and transparency. 

One of the most significant recent milestones in the journey towards ethical AI governance was the Global Partnership for Artificial Intelligence summit held in New Delhi in 2023. During the summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the importance of establishing a global framework for ethical AI use. The summit garnered attention as leaders and experts called for a protocol governing the testing and deployment of high-risk and frontier AI tools.

Countries have been taking proactive measures to regulate and govern AI within their borders. The United States issued an executive order in October 2023, aiming to ensure safe, secure, and trustworthy AI development and use. This comprehensive order addresses national security, consumer protection, privacy, and more. A risk-based regulatory approach is at the core of the European Union’s AI Act, which enforces stricter oversight for high-risk AI systems.

Core principles for ethical AI governance

A global framework for AI governance must be anchored in a set of core principles that guide its development and implementation:

  •  Fostering Innovation

Encouraging innovation and competition in AI technologies is paramount. Facilitating access to anonymized datasets for startups can accelerate progress in various domains.

  • Infrastructure Support

Expanding access to compute infrastructure and AI models is essential. This approach particularly benefits startups working in AI-related fields.

  •  Capacity Building and Engagement

Building capacity and engaging with a diverse range of stakeholders are key to involving more voices in AI development and deployment. This approach also helps mitigate risks and address concerns about job displacement due to AI.

  • Safety and Risk Management

Developing standards and conducting thorough safety assessments are crucial steps. Effective risk management strategies must be in place to address potential harms. Transparency, fairness, and explainability must be maintained throughout the AI development lifecycle.

  • Privacy Protection

Prioritizing privacy-preserving technologies is essential to gain trust in AI models. Protecting personal data is a foundational element of ethical AI governance.

  • International Cooperation

Collaboration on a global scale, based on shared vision and common goals, is essential for the success of any global AI governance framework. India, as a global technology leader, has a significant role to play in shaping this framework.

India, with its position as a technology leader, is poised to play a proactive role in the development of a global framework for AI governance. This role involves not only contributing to the framework but also focusing on the development of AI applications trained on Indian datasets across various sectors such as agriculture, education, healthcare, transportation, and public safety.

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