International Cooperation Urgently Needed for Strengthening AI Governance


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  • AI’s rapid growth demands urgent global governance.
  • Authenticity gains importance amid AI advancements.
  • China’s Global AI Governance Initiative takes center stage.

As we approach 2024, artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve from a mere concept in science fiction to a powerful tool that permeates our daily lives and drives industries forward. However, with the increasing application and commercialization of AI, there have also been unforeseen risks and challenges in 2023. In this critical juncture of AI’s rapid development, international cooperation to strengthen AI governance is becoming an imperative.

The growing importance of authenticity

In a surprising turn of events, Merriam-Webster, the leading reference book publisher in the United States, declared “authentic” as its Word of the Year for 2023. This choice reflects the heightened demand for authenticity triggered by the rapid advancement of AI technology. The global community has become increasingly concerned about AI’s potential to spread false information, infringe on personal rights, pose security risks, and exacerbate technological inequalities.

Recognizing the risks and lack of safeguards

It is widely acknowledged that the misuse and abuse of AI are significant concerns due to the lack of effective safeguards. As AI applications proliferate worldwide, governments and organizations must contemplate how to harness this technology for the betterment of humanity and the planet. John Hoffman, CEO of GSMA Ltd., emphasizes the need to collaboratively establish a trustworthy environment for AI.

The necessity of good governance

The impact of AI on human society hinges on the ability of the international community to derive benefits while averting harm through effective governance. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has stressed the urgency of approaching AI with a global perspective, a sense of urgency, and a willingness to learn. Countries must engage in coordination, establish boundaries, and work tirelessly to ensure that AI serves the interests of humanity.

International efforts towards AI governance

Several notable initiatives and regulations have emerged in response to the growing importance of AI governance. China, for instance, has released an interim regulation on the management of generative AI services. The United Nations has established the High-level Advisory Body on AI, and the AI Safety Summit issued the Bletchley Declaration. The European Union reached an agreement on the Artificial Intelligence Act. These developments signal a deepening understanding of the urgency of AI governance.

The ongoing challenges

Despite these efforts, challenges in governing AI remain prevalent, given its disruptive potential to alter the course of human civilization. Enhancing global coordination and cooperation is paramount in addressing these challenges effectively.

China’s commitment to AI governance

China, a significant player in the AI landscape, has consistently prioritized AI governance. The country has been steadily establishing and improving laws, regulations, and institutional systems domestically while actively contributing its insights to global AI governance efforts.

The global AI governance initiative

China has introduced the Global AI Governance Initiative, which offers a comprehensive approach to AI governance encompassing development, security, and governance. This initiative emphasizes a people-centered approach to AI development, focusing on developing AI for the greater good. It also upholds principles of mutual respect, equality, and mutual benefit in AI development, providing constructive solutions to common concerns and serving as a blueprint for international discussions and rule-making in the field.

China’s collaboration with other nations

China has actively engaged in communication, exchanges, and practical cooperation with other nations regarding global AI governance. Notably, during a meeting between the heads of state of China and the United States in San Francisco, both sides committed to promoting government talks on AI, injecting fresh momentum into global AI governance and inspiring the international community.

AI’s role in human development

AI represents a new frontier in human development, and effective governance is pivotal for its healthy progression and the benefit of humanity. In the face of diverse global challenges, countries must adopt a vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative, and sustainable security. Striking a balance between development and security, consolidating consensus through dialogue and cooperation, and establishing an open, fair, and effective governance mechanism are essential steps.

Promoting healthy, orderly, and secure AI development

Only by doing so can nations collectively advance the healthy, orderly, and secure development of AI and ensure that AI continually progresses in a direction that enhances human civilization.

AI technology continues its rapid evolution and integration into our lives, international cooperation to strengthen AI governance has become a pressing necessity. Recognizing the potential risks and challenges associated with AI, countries worldwide must work together to strike a balance between its development and security, fostering a global environment that promotes the responsible and beneficial use of this transformative technology.

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