Crypto tax evasion: 99% of global investors are not declaring their taxes


  • A new study reveals only 0.53% of global crypto investors paid taxes in 2022.
  • Finland had the highest tax payment rate in Europe; the Philippines had the lowest globally.
  • Statistics show that Germany is the most friendly country in terms of crypto taxation.
  • Improved regulations and enforcement may lead to increased tax compliance in the future.

Crypto taxation has been one of the major focal points of most regulatory activities across the globe. A recent study by a Swedish tax firm has discovered that a mere 0.53% of cryptocurrency investors worldwide paid taxes on their trades in 2022. The research focused on the compliance rates of cryptocurrency taxpayers in 24 different countries, with results varying significantly. 

In Finland, over 4% of crypto investors fulfilled their tax obligations, leading the pack in Europe. In contrast, only 0.03% of investors in the Philippines paid their crypto taxes. The disparities in compliance rates highlight the need for improved regulatory oversight and tax enforcement in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market.

Crypto tax compliance across different countries

The study examined 24 nations to determine the percentage of investors who declared their crypto investments and paid the appropriate taxes in 2022. Finnish investors demonstrated the highest compliance rate at 4.09%, while Italy lagged with a mere 0.26% of taxpayers reporting their crypto holdings.

Italy’s low rate might be attributed to its threshold for crypto tax reporting, which currently stands at $56,000. The Italian 2023 budget, however, includes provisions to adjust this threshold, potentially leading to increased compliance.

The lowest rate of crypto tax payments came from Southeast Asia, as the Philippines recorded the world’s lowest payment rate at 0.03%. Although the country imposes a 35% tax on digital asset trading, this rate only applies to income exceeding $4,500.

In the United States, 1.62% of cryptocurrency investors paid their taxes, with Canada slightly ahead at 1.65%. Japan led Asia with a 2.18% tax payment rate, followed by Singapore at 0.65%.

crypto tax

The study also indicated that nearly 95.5% of global cryptocurrency traders failed to pay their taxes in 2022. The firm believes compliance rates may improve as governments introduce updated regulations and enhance enforcement mechanisms.

Which countries are the best tax havens for crypto investors? 

Due to the extreme volatility of the digital assets market, investors are always looking for the perfect tax haven to minimize the additional cost of their gains. A separate study by crypto research firm Coincub identified Germany as the country with the most favorable crypto tax legislation. The German Ministry of Finance announced last year that private individuals would not be taxed on bitcoin or ether sales if they held the assets for more than a year. This marked a significant change from the previous requirement of a ten-year holding period to qualify for tax exemption.

Italy ranked second in Coincub’s study, with Switzerland coming in third. Although Swiss crypto tax laws vary by canton, most regions do not require residents to pay taxes on their digital assets.

Singapore and Slovenia completed the top five crypto tax havens. While both countries currently exempt residents from crypto taxes, Slovenian citizens may face a 10% tax rate in the future.

Overall, these statistics reflect the urgent need for improved regulatory oversight and tax enforcement in the global cryptocurrency market. As governments adapt to the rapid growth of digital assets and introduce updated regulations, the hope is that more investors will comply with their tax obligations, ensuring a fairer and more transparent financial landscape.

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