Gitcoin Coronavirus grant to fund COVID-19 research

Gitcoin Coronavirus grant to fund COVID research

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Gitcoin coronavirus grant is ready to take the fight to Coronavirus. The efforts to rein in COVID-19 continues, and the crypto industry is no laggard here. More startups and veteran crypto players are jumping in to do their bit in the fight against this deadly global pandemic. Gitcoin coronavirus grant initiative, based on the Ethereum crowdfunding platform, is one such latest endeavour. The mission aims to empower developers working towards coronavirus-related initiatives with $50,000 in the grant.

Gitcoin announced that the latest grant is targeted towards ‘public health’ initiatives, especially the novel Coronavirus. However, the initiative aims to achieve $100,000 to truly power the fight against the pandemic that currently grips the world. The project has invited applications related to public health endeavors, which will be reviewed on a ‘case-by-case’ basis. Fund disbursing will start from March 23.

Crypto fights back with Gitcoin Coronavirus grant and ‘Folding at Home’

As the world enters lockdown, decentralized world is making little contributions towards relief operations. Recently, the Golem network requested that people join the ‘Folding at Home’ initiative so that spare computation power can be used to power COVID-19 research. ‘Folding at Home’ initiative also got support from the Tezos blockchain platform. They collected donations in XTZ that will be awarded to top ‘Folding at Home’ performer on March 30.

Odem, an educational blockchain, has offered free services to many educational institutions to cover the Coronavirus-related curriculum disruptions. Furthermore, the Italian Red Cross has now started accepting Bitcoin donations using Heperbit. The Dutch Red Cross joined hands with BitPay to launch similar Bitcoin donations for coronavirus initiatives.

Gitcoin Coronavirus grant is working to ensure real-time solutions see the light of the day. However, the crypto market has suffered a significant meltdown in line with the traditional market fallout. Ethereum is facing huge transaction fee issues. Similarly, Dai stablecoin that powered Gitcoin payments is also undertaking debt auction to stabilize. Bitcoiners making Coronavirus vaccine is another such noble endeavor. Concerted efforts of organizations, tech giants, healthcare institutes, and medical workers are working round the clock to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

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