Giorgio Chiellini shatters Solana NFT sale record, sells for $59k

Giorgio Chiellini

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  • Giorgio Chiellini NFT set new price record for NFT sold on Solana
  • Trezeguet NFT, his golden goal in Euro 2000 auction ends today

The Gladiator, Giorgio Chiellini’s NFT, has broken the record for NFT sales on Solana as each piece of the fungible sold for $58,989.

After his win at Euro 2020, the Juventus captain is also set to release additional Euros Collection with additional meet and greets available amongst other unlockable content and real-world perks.

Chiellini’s NFT was a “gladiatorial spirit” themed in line with the defender’s fighting spirit, which he is well known for.

The fungibles in his Collection is titled The Gladiator. It features the defender in an Ancient Roman costume.

The artwork depicts the Italy captain tackling a gladiator, with the Roman Coliseum in the background. 100 editions of The Captain and 1,000 of The Icon complete the Collection.

The lucky fan who purchased Giorgio Chiellini NFT is in line to meet the defender in person and get one of his match-worn shirts, signed by the player himself. Furthermore, the fan will get two tickets to see the captain play, either for Italy or his domestic club, Juventus.

Chiellini’s NFT collection also has 25 editions of The Leader.

David Trezeguet NFT piece auction ends

David Trezeguet, a teammate of Giorgio Chiellini at Juventus, also launched his NFT Collection with Blockasset as the auction of the NFT piece ends today.

However, the price the NFT was sold for is yet to be released.

The NFT commemorates his Golden Goal in extra time of the EURO 2000 final against Italy to clinch France the championship.

Blockasset, the platform where the athletes NFT trades, strives to create a medium where fans can connect to their favorite athletes through the power of Blockchain, so, like the Chiellini NFT, David’s piece again comes with real-world perks such as match tickets and a meet & greet.

Benefits NFT provides Athletes, teams

Amrit Kumar, President and Chief Scientific Officer at Zilliqa, gave a rundown of benefits NFTs can bring athletes and sports teams during an interview.

Kumar was asked What kind of benefits does NFT provide to athletes, teams and leagues?

He said, “The idea behind NFT’s and monetizing yourself is can you actually change and remove some of those middlemen and directly serve your own fan base. For example, you could shoot a video, like a video to wish happy birthday to your favorite fan, and you can sell that NFT to your fan base directly. And that can happen because you have marketplaces which are developed on Blockchain, on which you can just take your NFT, put that on sale, and then anyone can buy that NFT from you.

You could even do auctions for your NFTs as well, so you don’t even need auction houses per se – you could literally go to a marketplace, build on a decentralized network and then auction off your NFT as well. This way, what you are doing is you’re sort of bypassing auction houses, bypassing your managers, your marketing personalities and agents, and have a direct connection with your fan base, and that’s very powerful.

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